Raytron Showcases Cutting-Edge Infrared Technologies at SPIE Photonics West 2024



Raytron, a leading innovator in infrared technology, is set to make a significant impact at the upcoming SPIE Photonics West exhibition, taking place from January 30 to February 1, 2024, at The Moscone Center in San Francisco. Visitors can find Raytron at Booth Number 4118, where the company will unveil its latest advancements in non-cooled infrared and photonics devices.


Exhibition Highlights

1. Non-Cooled Infrared

1. G1 1280 ASIC Thermal Module: Raytron introduces the InfiRay G1 1280 ASIC Thermal Module, featuring the LY infrared processing chip developed by InfiSense. This module boasts a new 12µm 1280×1024 high-resolution VOx ceramic infrared detector. Its flexibility to connect to various intelligent processing platforms makes it an industry leader in ultra-high resolution, catering to high-end imaging observation applications.

2. Mini LWIR Micro Thermal Camera Module: InfiRay Mini Series adopts a new self-developed 12μm VOx infrared detector and a custom ASIC infrared image processing chip. With a compact size, lighter weight, and lower power consumption, it is suitable for devices such as small handheld imagers, outdoor sights, wearable devices, lightweight drones, and robots.

3. Tiny1-C Micro Uncooled IR Camera Sensor Module: This long wave infrared (LWIR) thermal imaging micromodule is compact and energy-efficient, applicable to security monitoring, temperature measurement tools, PDAs, smart household appliances, and more.

4. Infrared Detectors:

1. Global debut of the world's first 8μm 1920 metal-encapsulated infrared detector

2. Wafer-level package (WLP) encapsulated sensor

2. Photonics Devices

Raytron's short-wave infrared series products, especially the RTS615B_M1 and RS1012L-C detectors, offer versatile solutions for applications in space communication, machine vision, industrial sorting, semiconductor inspection, and biomedical imaging.


Raytron Photonics Short Wave Infrared 1280×1024 Product Imaging (Focal Length 35mm)

Participating Products:

1. RTS615B_M1 Short-Wave Detector:

· Pixel Pitch: 15μm

· Array Size: 640×512

· Spectral Range: 0.9~1.7μm

· Package Size: 32.0×23.5×7.0mm³, with built-in TEC

· Key Features: High frame rate, low noise, multifunctional

· Applications: Space communication, machine vision, industrial sorting, semiconductor inspection

2. RS1012L-C Line Array Short-Wave Detector:

· Pixel Pitch: 12.5μm

· Array Size: 1024×1

· Spectral Range: 0.9~1.7μm

· Package Size: 28.9×18.6×4.0mm³

· Key Features: High resolution, low noise, SWaP

· Applications: Resource recovery, grain sorting, photovoltaic detection, machine vision


Taken by Raytron Photonics Short Wave Infrared 1280×1024 Product


Objectives and Expectations 

Raytron aims to enhance awareness of the beauty of infrared technology and expand its applications across various industries. The company envisions fostering greater interest and understanding of infrared technologies among the exhibition attendees.


Event Schedule

Raytron will conduct live demonstrations and interactive Q&A sessions featuring its Mini series products, providing attendees with firsthand experience and insights into the cutting-edge infrared technologies on display.