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AT30 Online Dual-Spectrum Compact Thermal Camera

  • AT30 Online Dual-Spectrum Compact Thermal Camera
  • AT30 Online Dual-Spectrum Compact Thermal Camera
  • AT30 Online Dual-Spectrum Compact Thermal Camera
  • AT30 Online Dual-Spectrum Compact Thermal Camera

AT30 Online Dual-Spectrum Compact Thermal Camera has a compact size and excellent performance, suitable for infrared temperature measurement or dual-spectrum monitoring applications in narrow spaces. With the self-developed high-resolution infrared detector and excellent spatial resolution, more temperature details can be observed. High protection level, wide temperature range and dual optical configuration help users solve application problems in harsh working conditions. The rich product portfolio meets the application requirements of various scenarios such as control cabinets, power distribution cabinets, power battery storage, and electrical equipment monitoring.

Detector resolution: 384x288

Pixel size: 12μm


Field of view: 68°×51°

Temperature range: -20℃~+650℃

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of AT30 Online Dual-Spectrum Compact Thermal Camera

  • Rich video and industrial communication protocols for easy integration

  • Support WIFI wireless connection, convenient for debugging

  • Only the size of a cigarette box, compact structure, quick installation

  • 384×288 resolution

Applications of AT30 Online Dual-Spectrum Compact Thermal Camera

AT30 Online Dual-Spectrum Compact Thermal Camera

AT30 – Temperature distribution is clearly seen even in narrow spaces


Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of AT30 Online Dual-Spectrum Compact Thermal Camera

Infrared Detector Data
Detector TypeUncooled VOx infrared detector
Spectral Band8~14μm
Pixel Pitch12μm
InfraredDetector Resolution384×288
Frame Rate25Hz
Visible LightVisible Light Pixel2 megapixels
FOV81°× 61°
Fill-in LightLED indicator
Measurement Tool
Measurement Range-20 to 650℃
Precision±2°C or ±2% (The greater shall prevail)
Point, Line, Area8 points, 8 lines, and 8 areas
Environmental Variable CorrectionDistance, ambient temperature, emissivity, reflected temperature, atmospheric transmissivity
Alarm FunctionThe separate alarm output can be configured for the maximum temperature, minimum temperature,and average temperature of all points, areas, and lines for temperature measuring.
Alarm Input / Output1-channel alarm input (optoelectronic isolation, 3V to 5.5V);2-channel alarm output (optoelectronic isolation, 3VDC to 25VDC, 85mA at most)
Other alarms: image/video storage, file sending (FTP), E-mail (SMTP), flashing light alarm
Ethernet, Connector TypeWi-Fi/RJ45/device hot spot
Interface ProtocolONVIF、GB28181、Modbus TCP、MQTT
Image Transmission
ImageImage Stream FormatH.264/H.265
StreamResolutionVisible light 1080P
Infrared image supports super resolution up to 1024 × 768
Image ModeThermal imaging, visible light image, dual-spectrum fusion, detail enhancement
Support parallel display of visible light images
Frame Rate AdjustmentSupport frame rate adjustment
Data StreamData Stream TransmissionVisible light, infrared image, temperature stream, frame rate adjustable
Storage Medium32GB internal memory
Storage ModeSimultaneous storage of infrared images and visible light images
File FormatJPG, MP4
Storage FormLocal storage; can be connected with a monitoring system such as NVR
SDKCross-platform SDK that supports users' secondary development
Typical Power Supply System
External Power Supply12~30V DC
PoE Power SupplyIEEE 802.3af
Power Consumption≤2W
External InterfaceM12 A 8-pin connector, for 10M/100M adaptable Ethernet port and PoE power supply
M12 A 12-pin connector, for DC power supply, alarm input and output
Environmental Data
IP GradeIP67
Operating Temperature-10~50℃
Storage Temperature-40~70℃
Humidity≤ 95%, non-condensing
Electromagnetic CompatibilityIEC 61000-4-2 (anti-interference)
IEC 61000-4-3 (radiation resistant)
Impact Resistance25G, IEC68-2-29
Vibration Resistance2G, IEC68-2-6
WeightAbout 170g
Accessories8-core M12 to RJ45 cable (wire length 44cm), fixing device (screw, installation sticker)
Optional Accessories12-core M12-to-DC connector & alarm input/output interface cable, front or rear mounting bracket, PoE power supply adapter

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