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Industrial Thermal Camera

Industrial Thermal Camera is especially designed for a variety of industrial applications, for example, electrical diagnostics, HVAC, machinery or equipment maintenance, automotive maintenance, building inspection, and product testing, etc. The industrial thermal imaging camera usually adopts a self-developed high-performance VOx infrared detector with high resolution to offer ultra clear thermal images with rich details and high quality. Industrial Thermal Camera is able to provide more accurate and stable temperature measurement data to meet the requirements of scientific research and professional analysis work.

Industrial Thermal Camera Characteristics

Built-in Self-developed High-performance VOx Detector with High Resolution

Ultra Clear and Crispy Thermal Images with Rich Details and High Quality

Professional Temperature Measurement Functions:

  • AI Temp Temperature Measurement Algorithm

  • Temperature Measurement in Center/High/Low Points

  • Wide Temperature Measurement Range to Monitor More Industrial Targets with High-temperature

  • Auto Tracking of High and Low Temperature Points

  • Smaller Thermal Sensitivity

  • User-defined Alarm Temperature

  • Identification of Abnormal Points Easily. 

  • Multiple Pro-grade Scientific Research and Data Analysis Software Available: Both Real-time and Offline

  • Long Lasting Battery Life, External Power Supply Available

  • User Friendly Operation Interface, Easy to Operate without Training

  • Solid and Durable Design

Industrial Thermal Camera Characteristics

Industrial Thermal Camera Applicaiton

Industrial Thermal Camera measures infrared (IR) radiation, which is the completely invisible part of the spectrum that persists around us, convert the emissivity of detected objects into images, and display them as heat maps of different temperatures. The industrial thermal camera is widely used in industrial environments including:

  • Detection of Leaks in Pumps, Pipelines and Valves

  • Proactive Equipment or Machinery Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Production Research and Development

  • Plant and Building Inspection

  • Industrial Process Evaluation

  • Insulation Failures

  • Inspection of Mechanical Assemblies

  • Pipeline Blocking Problem

  • Electrical Problems Diagnose

  • High Voltage Testing

  • Substation Overheating Problem

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Automated Condition Monitorin

Industrial Temperature Monitoring System


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