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Infrared Image Super-Resolution Database

Welcome to the Infrared Image Super-Resolution Database in the Infrared Open Source Database

Update date : 09/18/2021
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The infrared imaging technology indicates the process that the infrared detector receives the infrared (IR) rays emitted or reflected by objects to form visible images through photoelectric conversion. This technology is extensively applied in various military and civil fields. Infrared imaging systems are sensitive to object heat radiation and minimally affected by external light, have a long detection range, and are capable of penetrating heavy smog and haze. With these strengths, such systems can not only be used in fields such as safety inspection and quality inspection but also be used as auxiliary tools or replace visible-light imaging systems in conditions with dimmed light or smog and haze for all-time operation.


The infrared detector, which is the core component of infrared imaging systems, determines the resolution of infrared images. Though infrared detectors have undergone high-speed development from pixels and lines to large arrays in recent years, the resolution of world-leading infrared detectors is still far lower than that of visible-light detectors. In general, infrared imaging technology is still unsuitable for fields requiring high-quality images due to the shortcomings of infrared images such as low spatial resolution, weak contrast, and low Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N).

To deal with these issues, this website provides a real infrared image database in different scenarios and different resolutions. The database contains images from three different devices in three different resolutions (384×288 low, 640×512 medium, and 1280×1024 high).  The images in low resolution and high resolution in the database are not in pairs, and therefore can be used for image blind super-resolution algorithm verification. In addition, the high-resolution data provided in the database can also be used for non-blind super-resolution image algorithm verification on the assumption that degradation parameter settings are known. There currently are 6000 images in the infrared image super-resolution database, with 2000 images in each resolution. These images will be primarily used in researches of the super-resolution reconstruction technology for images of the real world so that low-cost detectors can also provide high-quality infrared images through a series of processing, thus pushing the infrared technology forward in applications and development in various fields.



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