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Erbium Glass Laser

Erbium glass laser works at an infrared wavelength that is strongly absorbed by the water in body tissue. InfiRay® self-developed erbium glass laser is highly integrated and can stably work at all temperatures, its two most noticeable features are its relative eye-safety and high peak power up to 1535±5nm.

Types of Erbium Glass Laser

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What is erbium laser used for?

Erbium glass lasers are most commonly used in laser rangefinders with low pulse repetition rates (less than 10hz). Our eye safety laser has been used in rangefinders, with a range of 3-5km and high stability, suitable for artillery aiming and drone pods. Lasers emitting wavelengths of more than 1.4μm are often referred to as "eye-safe" because light in this wavelength range is strongly absorbed in the cornea and lens of the eye, and therefore cannot reach the retina, which is significantly more sensitive.

How does erbium glass laser work?

The erbium glass laser must have activated particles capable of forming a population inversion to form a stable laser, this process requires the excitation of the pump source. Even if the laser reaches the population reversal, it still cannot output the laser, there must be an accumulation process, from quantitative change to qualitative change. This process is completed by the resonant cavity. When the pump light is coupled into the optical fiber, it is easy to form high power density in the slender optical fiber, which in turn leads to population inversion, and then cooperates with the optical resonant cavity to finally produce laser oscillation.


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