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WLP Infrared Detector

Wafer-level packaging is an increasingly mature form of packaging recently. The WLP infrared detector uses an InfiRay self-developed 12 μm high resolution (640×512, 384×288 or 256×192) VOx thermal imaging sensor. Technically speaking, it can achieve smaller size, higher efficiency, higher output and lower cost. It can be used in industrial and civil products, and can also be widely used in the field of consumer goods, making it possible for infrared thermal imaging technology to enter the daily lives of ordinary people.

Types of WLP Infrared Detector

WLP Infrared Detector Features

  • VOx Microbolometer Technology

VOx Microbolometer Technology is applied in WLP Infrared Detector.

  • Low Power Consumption

WLP Infrared Detectors is smaller and more efficient, making it more suitable for low power consumption micro-module applications.

  • Light-weighted Package

WLP Infrared Detector does not use heavy metal and ceramic materials, and the infrared detector chip is aligned with the silicon window one by one, which is much lighter.

  • High Sensitivity

With features of high sensitivity and reliability, WLP Infrared Detector is able to meet HD thermal imaging requirements.

  • Smaller Thermal Time Constant

It's much faster to capture moving targets and form Ultra Clear thermal images.

WLP Infrared Detector Features

WLP Infrared Detector Application Field

Wafer-level packaging (WLP) is the process of completing high vacuum packaging directly on the entire MEMS wafer, then scribing and cutting to make a single infrared detector. The combination of WLP Infrared Detectors with Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip greatly reduces the cost and at the same time greatly reduces the difficulty of development. It aims to meet the miniaturization and low-cost requirement in the application of infrared technology to consumer electronics market. Therefore, it is bound to be the future development trend. Related industries have already begun such attempts, for example, smartphones, autonomous driving, AI, IoT, smart home, security and other civilian applications. Efforts are being made to achieve low-cost applications of infrared technology.

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