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Clip-on Thermal Imager

Clip-on thermal imager is a thermal camera that can be clipped on a day scope as an attachment. By attaching it in front of a day scope, you can turn your day scope into a thermal scope in a few seconds. Meanwhile, the accuracy and the center of the reticle will not be affected or changed, which means there is no need to zero it again so you will not miss any hunting moment. Besides, InfiRay® clip-on thermal imager can also be used as a handheld outdoor thermal camera by observing directly through the eyepiece.

Types of Clip-on Thermal Imager

Clip-on Thermal Imager Specs Index

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Clip-on Thermal Imager Features

12 μm infrared detector

InfiRay® clip-on thermal imager is embedded with a self-developed 12μm 640×512 infrared detector. Its NETD is less than 40mk, providing Ultra Clear thermal images even in harsh environments. 

Quickly Attached Without Re-zeroing

The professional calibration algorithm save the trouble of re-zeroing. You just need clamp and shoot. Clip CH50 can be easily attached to or detached from day optics in seconds without losing zeroing.

Point-of-impact Stability

Clip CH50 has cutting-edge design. The point-of-impact stability is reliable and repeatable, requiring no elevation adjustments from the day scope. 

Wireless Remote Control

With 3 buttons on it, the wireless remote control can be fixed near the trigger to be easy at fingertips.

Clip-on Thermal Imager

Clip-on Thermal Imaging & Night Vision

Clip-on thermal imaging is one of the technologies to realize night vision. The fundamental difference between clip-on thermal imaging devices and other night vision devices is that they adopt different technologies. Night vision technologies can be broadly divided into three main categories: image intensification, active illumination, and thermal imaging. Clip-on thermal imaging devices adopts the last one.

Night vision devices adopting image intensification and active illumination technologies are restricted by ambient brightness. They cannot provide high-quality image in complete darkness or under bad weather. Clip-on thermal imaging devices can offer crisp and clear images regardless of darkness and bad weather. Any target that is hotter than the environment will be highlighted at night. What's more, clip-on thermal imaging devices can be easily attached on common day scopes. The day scopes can be switched to thermal scopes in seconds with it.

Clip on Thermal Night Vision

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