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Why does
InfiRay have Ultra Clear Technology?

InfiRay, leader in infrared thermal imaging

InfiRay concentrates on developing infrared thermal imaging technologies and manufacturing relevant products, with completely independent intellectual property rights. InfiRay is committed to providing global customers with professional and competitive infrared thermal imaging products and solutions. The main products include infrared detectors, thermal imaging modules, night vision thermal cameras, and thermographic cameras for temperature measurement.
InfiRay is famous for the unique "Ultra Clear" technology that provides high-definition images.
With 2000+ employees and R&D personnel accounts for 50% of all, 1700+ intellectual property projects in terms of InfiRay have been authorized and accepted, including those for integrated circuit chips, MEMS sensors design and manufacture, Matrix III Image Algorithms, and AI-Temp Intelligent Accurate Temperature Measurement Algorithms.
InfiRay products have been applied in various fields, including outdoor night vision, industrial thermography, security and firefighting, epidemic prevention, smartphone, AI, machine vision, and auto-piloting.

Why does InfiRay have Ultra Clear Technology?