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Types of Automotive Thermal Camera For Sale

Automotive thermal cameras are thermal cameras equipped on the cars for driving assistance at night and in low-visibility environment. They can work individually to provide thermal images to see through darkness. And they can also work with other ADAS system to provide comprehensive driving assistance. InfiRay® automotive thermal cameras have IATF16949 certification which means the cameras meet the operating temperature and ingress protection rating requirements for automobiles. With scenario-based non-uniformity correction technology, they can meet the application requirements in different scenarios.

Benefits of Night Vision Camera for Car

  • Automotive-grade Quality

InfiRay® car thermal camera has IATF16949 certification, meeting the requirements of operating temperature and IP grade rating for automobiles.

  • Pedestrian Recognition & Safety Warnings

InfiRay® automotive thermal imaging night vision system is embedded with optimized computer vision algorithm to recognize pedestrians and vehicles accurately. It also supports warning function to improve driving safety.

  • Multi-sensor integration

InfiRay® photoelectric automotive inspection cameras integrate infrared, visible light, and other tech, to make it capable of 24h long-distance identification and tracking.


Application of Automotive Thermal Camera

Automotive thermal cameras can see through darkness, fog, smoke and ignore the influence of glare. For auto-pilot and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), they can discover the obstacles in strong or low light and start warning in time to avoid dangers such as collision. For special vehicles, they can improve inspection efficiency in harsh environments and break through the limitations of darkness, smoke, and glare. Detection range and danger warning range are also increased to get more preparation and deployment time.

Automotive Thermal Camera


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