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Thermal module is the core of a thermal camera, consisting of infrared detector and processing circuits. InfiRay® thermal modules adopts self-developed high-performance infrared detectors for ultra-clear thermal imaging and sccurate temperature measurement.

How does A Thermoelectric Module Work?

The higher an object's temperature, the more infrared radiation is emitted. Thermal camera can detect this radiation in a way similar to the way an ordinary camera detects visible light. It even works in total darkness because ambient light level does not matter. This makes it useful for rescue operations in smoke-filled buildings and underground. Thermal camera module is the core of the thermal camera, which detects infrared radiation and convert it into electric signals for thermal image processing. It can be applied in various fields such as outdoor night vision, temperature measurement, fire prevention, health and medical care, and autopilot.

How does A Thermoelectric Module Work?

InfiRay Self-developed ASIC Chip Replaces FPGA

As a leading manufacturer of uncooled IRFPA, InfiRay has made a great breakthrough in the field of ASIC image processing chips. InfiRay self-developed LY processing chip in this range of modules has replaced the FPGA solution provided by the traditional thermal imaging modules with ASIC processing chips.

Featuring smaller size, lighter weight, and lower power consumption and costs, as well as higher performance, it can meet the application requirements for Size, Weight, Power, Price, and Performance (SWaP3) of the new generation of infrared detectors.

This is the first dedicated infrared image processing chip of InfiRay, which fully supports infrared temperature measurement and real-time detection of points, lines, and area, digital zoom, various pseudo colors, OSD, and other functions.

Infrared Camera Module


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