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Multi-purpose Thermal Monocular

Multi-purpose thermal monocular has various functions for handheld use, head-mounted use, and clip-on manner for individual inspection. For handheld use, multi-purpose thermal monocular has an ingress protection rate of IP67. It means the monocular can still provide high performance and high quality images in harsh conditions without fear of shock and drop. For head-mounted use, the thermal monocular weighs only 355g, which will not influence the balance of the helmet. As for clip-on manner, it can fit the port of common day scopes to add thermal imaging function to the existing optics.

Types of Multi-purpose Thermal Monocular

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Benefits of Having a Thermal Monocular

Thermal monocular is compact, light, easy to be handheld and equipped on other devices, bringing a lot of benefits for different applications. In the application of enforcement and rescue, it can discover illegal events and find rescue target as soon as possible. With thermal monocular, people in the darkness can be seen obviously. Thus the illegal events and rescue target cannot be concealed at night. In the applications of hunting, thermal monocular can locate and tracking hunting targets without disturbing in complex environment. With high features of waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof, it can adapt to harsh conditions such rain, fog, and smoke.

Thermal Monocular

What are Multi-purpose thermal monoculars used for?

Multi-purpose thermal monocular can be used for enforcement, rescue, hunting, animal observation, firefighting, and many other applications. The applications of enforcement, rescue, and hunting are explained above. As for animal observation, high-resolution thermal monocular can see animals clearly in a long distance. It is helpful in observation of animal habits, behavior, and other details. During firefighting, thermal monocular can see through smoke to find fire source and survivors trapped in the fire and smoke. Multi-purpose thermal monocular can also be mounted on the helmet of the fireman. While enabling fireman to see through the fire, it also free the hands of the fireman to fight against the fire and save people's life.

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