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Bullet Thermal Camera

Bullet Thermal Camera (here specifically referred to Bullet Dual-spectrum Thermal Camera) is a kind of CCTV surveillance device with both infrared and visible light, which is different from normal visible light monitoring and infrared thermal camera. It is normally compact in size and shaped like a bullet so sometimes it's also called lipstick camera. Bullet Camera is designed to be installed with the field of view focused on a specific and fixed location with a fixed or various focus lens. 

Types of Bullet Thermal Camera

Bullet Thermal Camera Specs Index

Bullet Thermal Camera Features

  • Adoption of Advanced Uncooled Thermal Detector with High Resolution

  • Ultra Clear Image with Temperature Measurement

  • Rather Smaller in Size

  • Dual-spectrum Imaging, Integration of Both Thermal Imaging and Visible Light

  • Visible and Obvious to People, Discourage of Thieves or Vandals

  • Accurate Detection of Environmental Fire or Hazards

  • Point at One Direction to Cover Specific Area

  • Easy Installation and Deployment

  • Support Intelligent Behavior Analysis such as Regional Intrusion and Tripwire Intrusion

Bullet Camera Angle of View

Bullet thermal camera series provides thermal imaging focal length options with different field of view angles for different monitoring and temperature measurement requirements, from a large field of view of 3.2mm 56.0°×42.2° to an observation distance of hundreds of meters with a 25mm lens to meet a variety of scenes need.

Bullet Camera Angle of View

Dome Camera VS Bullet Camera

FB4 Series Dual-spectrum Bullet Thermal Camera is a new thermal imaging network camera integrating network remote monitoring function, video server function and HD camera function. The product has built-in high-definition visible light camera and advanced infrared thermal imaging detector. While realizing dual light imaging, it can more comprehensively collect the characteristic information of the tested scene. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor environment monitoring, perimeter prevention, industrial temperature measurement, fire early warning integration and other intelligent security fields.

Thermal Network Value Hybrid Bullet Camera


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