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Outdoor Thermal Camera

Outdoor thermal camera has small size, light weight, and high performance that can be handheld easily for night vision and targeting during hunting. InfiRay® self-developed infrared detector with low NETD and power consumption can provide ultra-clear thermal images with crisp details. It can improve your night vision experience and targeting speed and accuracy. Better infrared detector makes clearer outdoor thermal camera!

Types of Outdoor Thermal Camera

Outdoor Thermal Camera Specs Index

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Outdoor Thermal Camera Solutions

Outdoor thermal camera can be divided into 4 categories, including handheld thermal camera, clip-on thermal camera, helmet-mounted thermal camera, and outdoor thermal camera for smartphone. Each of them has its own advantages and shortcomings. Outdoor thermal camera solutions combine multiple thermal cameras and tools together to strengthen their advantages and cover the shortcomings in night vision and hunting. The most common solution for hunting is handheld thermal camera + clip-on thermal camera. (Handheld thermal camera is for night vision and targeting. Clip-on thermal camera is for aiming and hunting at night with your existing day scope.)

Infrared Outdoor Camera

What are Outdoor Thermal Imaging Cameras Used For?

Outdoor thermal camera is usually used for outdoor night vision and hunting. Outdoor thermal camera can provide clear images regardless of darkness, glare, fog, rain, and many other harsh conditions. Thus, it is an ideal outdoor night vision device. While helping you see through the darkness, outdoor thermal camera can also detect hot targets in the field of view, which is easy for discovering and targeting in jungles and forests. No matter where the target moves, as long as it is in the field of view, outdoor thermal camera can find it as soon as possible. It is convenient for targeting and hunting animals in the darkness.

Outdoor Thermal Imaging Camera

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