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Automotive Infrared Camera

Automotive Infrared Cameras is a miniaturized product designed and developed for the automotive market. It has the certification of IATF16949, meeting the requirement to be mounted on cars. With scene-based non-uniform correction algorithms, image freeze and lagging can be avoided during driving to improve driving safety. It can be applied to various automotive fields, such as ADAS and autopilot. Multiple angles of view and resolutions are optional for autonomous driving with different distance perception.

Types of Automotive Infrared Camera

Automotive Infrared Camera Specs Index

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Automotive Infrared Camera Features

Automotive-grade Quality

InfiRay® automotive infrared camera has passed IATF16949 certification. It means it can meet the operating temperature and ingress protection rating requirements for automobiles. There is no need to worry about the safety and reliability.

AI and Edge Computing

With deep learning algorithms and AI analysis units, it can accurately recognize and identify pedestrians and vehicles so as to give out early warnings promptly. It can reduce the rate and inquiry of accident, thus improving driving safety. Besides, it also features integrated design, compact size, reduced cost, lower power consumption (minimum of 2.5W). It can also be installed easily and flexibly. 

High Resolution for Clear Images

Built-in InfiRay® 12μm 640×512/384×288 infrared detector and professional and intelligent Matrix III image algorithm ensure clear and sharp image output.

Automotive Infrared Camera Features

Automotive Infrared Camera Applications

The main applications of automotive infrared camera are autopilot and advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS). In addition to the absolute advantage of night vision, automotive infrared camera can also see through fog and glare. These superiorities make it indispensable in autopilot and ADAS for it makes up the shortcomings of visible-light monitoring and recognition systems. By capturing the infrared radiation emitted by the obstacles, other vehicles, and pedestrians, it can show them in a quite different color or brightness from the background environment. With intelligent algorithms, they can be classified and highlighted for warning to the driver to avoid accident. 

Infrared Camera for Car


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