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360° Infrared Panoramic Camera

Based on big data, optoelectronics, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technology research and development, Infrared Panoramic Security Camera adopts infrared thermal imaging chips and integrates advanced optical image stabilization and image processing technologies to perfectly achieve fast 360° wide-area real-time monitoring. Infrared Panoramic Security Camera is able to detect and recognize an unlimited number of tracks, providing high resolution images. The warning area can be customized to identify potential targets or threats and automatically track them, which can be widely used in a variety of scenarios.

Types of 360° Infrared Panoramic Camera

360° Infrared Panoramic Camera Specs Index

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Advantages of Panoramic Security Cameras

In the security field of wide-area surveillance (such as airports, docks, ports, power stations, oil fields, etc.), conventional solutions require a large number of fixed-view surveillance cameras to be arranged around the surveillance area, which brings high system costs and heavy burdens. A lot of installation, maintenance and inspection work will be needed as well. At the same time, massive video information screening work leads to the risk of omission of video images. In addition, traditional security cameras have limited monitoring angles, resulting in the traditional security systems lacking the ability to detect and track intrusion targets throughout the process. Infrared Panoramic Security Cameras have efficient area detection capabilities and can realize 360° real-time monitoring. It will not be affected by night and fog, which consolidates the weak links of the security system, and provides a full range of security solutions.


How Do Infrared Panoramic Camera Work?

Panoramic Security Camera covers the entire area without leaving any blind spots and has become the trend in the security and surveillance industry. 360° infrared panoramic camera can capture clear images in high-speed rotation relatively through the advanced optical image stabilization technology. Then the images from various angle are stitched and processed to obtain a 360° panoramic image.

Outdoor Panoramic Camera

How Far Can Security Cameras See at Night

The distance Security Cameras could see at night or in the dark depends on several factors such as focal length, resolution, location and camera quality. The most important factor that determines how far a security camera can see is the size of camera lens or focal length. The smaller the focal length, the wider the field of view security camera can see. Resolution can determine the clarity of images and video content. The higher the resolution, the clearer images and videos will be. Location is another important factor for security camera. The fewer obstacles (such as walls, doors, or lights) between the camera and the WiFi signal, the better the quality of the transmitted image. Last but not the least is the camera quality. Top security camera brands with a large customer base are more reliable than unknown camera suppliers.


Panoramic Security Camera Installation Tips

  • Robust and reliable mounting platform for unobstructed


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