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Human Body Temperature Thermal Camera

Human Body Temperature Thermal Camera is specially designed to measure the temperature of human bodies. Given that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has broken out globally and has now officially become a pandemic, the whole world is deeply concerned about the spread of infection and try to find out how to slow down and stop the spread of the virus eventually. There is no thermal camera that can detect or diagnose coronavirus, however Human Body Temperature Thermal Camera could still be a useful tool for rapid body temperature screening in public areas such as airports, ports, railways or bus stations.

Types of Human Body Temperature Thermal Camera

Human Body Temperature Thermal Camera Characteristics

  • Real-time Body Temperature Measurement and Monitoring of Large Number of People

  • High Accuracy and Effective Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Measurement

  • Quick Detection from Distance and Temperature Detection Alarm of Abnormal Temperatures in Public Areas, such as Farmer Markets, Supermarkets and Malls, Schools, or Metro Stations.

  • Statistical Information and Data Provided for Verification and Analysis Based on Gender, Age, Time, etc.

  • Adoption of Patented Intelligent Temperature Measurement Algorithms

  • Professional Software Available to Show Measurement Result

  • Easy to Use, Quick Deployment and Configuration

  • Smart and Accurate Face Recognition

  • High Sensitivity and Precision

  • Management of Health Profile

Human Body Temperature Thermal Camera Characteristics

Using Thermal Camera to Measure Body Temperature

Traditional body temperature detection methods mainly include contact ear thermometers, forehead thermometers and mercury thermometers. When faced with a large number of people for inspection, such methods not only require a lot of manpower and resources, but also are time-consuming and expensive. In addition, those traditional methods may also increase the safety risk caused by personnel contact. Human Body Temperature Thermal Camera have recently become popular for preliminary body temperature screening. As long as an alarm threshold is set, non-contact human body temperature measurement and automatic alarm can be realized, which can help users quickly and safely screen out persons with abnormal body temperature and greatly improve the inspection efficiency.

Human Body Thermal Camera


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