Introducing a New Era in Thermal Imaging with Xinfrared Brand Logo Redesign



Raytron Technology Co., Ltd., the parent company of InfiRay, InfiRay Outdoor, and Xinfrared, is proud to announce a significant update in our journey towards innovation and excellence. We are excited to unveil a fresh perspective with the redesign of the Xinfrared brand logo.


About Xinfrared

Xinfrared is a brand dedicated to pioneering consumer thermal imaging products, making this cutting-edge technology accessible to thousands of households. The new logo symbolizes our commitment to providing cost-effective thermal imaging solutions, setting the stage for a new era of innovation.


The New Logo: Bridging the Past and the Future

Our previous logo, featuring a blue soaring eagle and the word "infrared," has served us well. However, our new logo reflects our brand's evolution. It features a majestic, soaring eagle in blue, now accompanied by the word "xinfrared" and a blue elliptical icon, representative of the shape of our detectors. This change underlines our technology-centric approach and our spirit of unity, subtlety, perfectionism, and inclusiveness. The eagle's flight embodies our unyielding pursuit of excellence, boldly symbolizing our products' clarity and sharpness, much like an eagle's vision. The choice of blue, complemented by deep gray fonts, reinforces our high-tech, innovative, progressive, and understated brand identity.

The new Xinfrared logo will officially be in use starting from October 18, 2023. To ensure a seamless transition, our promotional materials will be updated to feature the new logo. Any previously released materials will gradually phase out.



The Reasons for Change

This transition aligns with our evolving brand strategy, enabling users to recognize Xinfrared more swiftly and intuitively. Furthermore, we've collected valuable insights from over 100,000 users, who have overwhelmingly supported our new logo design.


The Brand's Story

Xinfrared, a fusion of the uppercase letter "X" and "infrared," symbolizes our brand's mission to explore the unknown and bring infrared technology to every home. The "X" represents the unknown and the infinite, while "infrared" speaks to our commitment to leaving our mark on the history of infrared technology, making it accessible to all.


Media Contact

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We would like to express our deep respect and gratitude for the significance and contributions of our old logo throughout our brand's history. It has been a part of our journey, guiding us to this exciting new chapter.

Raytron Technology Co., Ltd., and Xinfrared are committed to our mission of advancing thermal imaging technology and bringing it to the world. We are thrilled to continue this journey with our refreshed brand identity. Thank you for your support.