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Photoelectric Automotive Inspection Camera

A photoelectric automotive inspection camera can display an image of the road ahead by picking up infrared radiation that is invisible to the human eye. InfiRay® introduce three different series of photoelectric automotive inspection cameras (Asens E Series/Asens M Series/Xsafe A Series) built-in InfiRay®12μm 640×512/384×288 infrared detector and professional and intelligent Matrix III image algorithm help output clear and sharp images. It's also featured with integrated design, compact size, reduced cost, lower power consumption (minimum of 2.5W), and easy and flexible installation. Automotive-grade quality (IATF16949 certification) meets the operating temperature and ingress protection rating requirements for automobiles. 

Advantages of Automotive Inspection Camera

  • Easy to operate, flexible, compact and easy to carry, soft, small, flexible insertion tube can be reached to check any concealed parts;

  • Intuitive and accurate and easy to operate, and early detection of internal parts of the damage, which will greatly help to exclude potential safety hazard in the bud stage;

  • The instrument itself is small, portable, mobility can be very good to reduce the intensity of work, improve work efficiency;

  • Reduce the cost of repairs, while avoiding the damage caused by repeated disassembly of the parts.

Advantages of Automotive Inspection Camera

How to Use Automotive Inspection Camera?

InfiRay® offers a high-resolution Thermal Vision Automotive Development Kit (ADK) featuring the thermal camera for automakers, and developers of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Simply put, the ADK allows developers to add a long-range thermal camera to their ADAS development vehicles to advance reliability and the redundancy required for self-driving cars. As stated earlier, thermal imaging helps drivers and future self-driving vehicles see more clearly, particularly in murky environments such as darkness, sun glare, fog, smoke, and haze.

Automotive Camera Scope


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