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Types of Thermal Imaging Search and Rescue Camera For Sale

InfiRay® thermal imaging search and rescue cameras integrate visible light, infrared, and I2 together, to realize the best imaging quality in different complex scenarios. The targets can be quickly located with the cooperation of different imaging modes and color palettes. They feature compact size, light weight, low power consumption, long recognition distance, and high reliability. Low power consumption ensures long operating time without worrying about the battery. High IP grade makes it powerful and strong in harsh wilderness environments.

Thermal Imaging Search and Rescue Camera Application

InfiRay® thermal imaging search and rescue cameras have wide applications, such as outdoor sports, enforcement, firefighting and wilderness rescue. Helmet enhanced thermal imagers improve the efficiency of enforcement for it can be attached on the helmet and free the users' hands. Multi-purpose thermal monocular and dual-spectrum fusion thermal imaging scopes are convenient for firefighting and wilderness rescue thanks to their easy operation. Multi-functional handheld thermal binoculars make outdoor sports more interesting and provide better experience in observation.

Thermal Imaging Search and Rescue Camera Application

Seeing through Forest with Thermal Imaging Search and Rescue Camera

  • Multiple Night Vision Fusion Modes

I² only, infrared only, outline, thermal imaging, highlight, breath, and others, applicable to various scenarios.

  • Wireless Access of External Video

Wireless access of matched thermal imager video, rich interface information, support compass azimuth, pitch, and roll indication display.

  • Low Power Consumption  

Full-load operating for more than 8 hours, low-load operating for more than 60 hours, more efficient man-machine interaction. 

  • High Integration 

Integrate photo taking, video recording, storage, and playback functions. Support self-positioning and target positioning.

  • Rich interfaces, Intelligent Interconnection  

Analog video and digital video output, supporting external power supply, USB, and serial port. Connect to mobile devices via Wi-Fi for remote observation and control


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