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Types of Thermal Security Camera and Fire Scanner

Thermal security cameras receive infrared radiation from objects and create the thermal images. They could see through the darkness and provide clear thermal images in any bad weathers. Thus thermal security cameras are wildely used for perimeter protection, fire detection, target temperature measuring, etc. InfiRay provides various product types, including thermal bullet camera for indoor applications and PTZ thermal camera with optical thermal zoom lens for long-range detection. We could set different temperature measurement rules such as point/line/area to measure specifc part of an object.  With AI technology, InfiRay thermal camera could analyse the video content (VCA) and to recognize the human or vehicle, which is intruding the area and send alarm. 

Thermal Security Camera Benefits

Dual-spectrum - "Infrared + Visible Light"

Self-developed dual-light registration fusion algorithm achieves pixel-level image dual-light registration and thermal imaging detail integrated enhancement.

3D DNR — 3D Digital Noise Reduction

A new generation of 3D DNR algorithm is introduced to effectively remove imaging noise and improve picture quality.

Intelligent Analysis

Based on thermal image intelligent analysis, the background interference is eliminated on thermal images effectively to realize more accurate intelligent alarming. 

Thermal Surveillance Camera

Thermal Home Security Camera

What are the differences between InfiRay® Thermal Security Cameras and Common Security Cameras?

InfiRay® Has Longer Detection Range

InfiRay provides different focal length options to detect the target from hundreds meter to 10km+.

Thermal Imaging Security Camera

InfiRay® Can Provide All-weather Monitoring

Thermal camera ensures real 24h protection by being able to see through total darkness and providing clear thermal images in bad weather conditions such as fog and rain.

InfiRay® Features Accurate Temperature Measurement

The target can be detected accurately through non-contact measurement in the range of -20℃~+550℃. The measurement accuracy reaches ±2℃. 


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