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PTZ Thermal Camera

PTZ thermal camera provides 360 ° panoramic monitoring and supports pitch observation. Through PTZ automatic cruise / preset point observation and with the help of intelligent algorithm, the thermal imaging camera can automatically capture the set target, such as fire point, abnormal temperature, personnel intrusion, etc., and then see the target details through optical magnification, Realize all-weather security protection.

PTZ Thermal Cameras Features

  • Adoption of Advanced Uncooled Thermal Detector with High Resolution

  • Meet The Needs of Concealed Monitoring, Not Affected by Harsh Environmental such as Haze, Smoke, Dust, Rain, Snow, and Night

  • Accurate Detection of Environmental Fire or Hazards

  • Large Field of View

  • Optical Zoom to See Far-away Objects or Targets

  • Manually and Remotely Tracking of Suspicious Activities

  • Support Intelligent Behavior Analysis such as Regional Intrusion and Tripwire Intrusion

PTZ Thermal Camera

Difference between PTZ and Dome Camera

PTZ Camera is in dome shape and allows users to operate or control the camera from far away. It's an effective monitoring method which can pan, tilt and zoom in or out to larger surveillance area. While Dome Camera is named after its dome-shaped body. This kind of camera can be easily integrated into the internal environment of the facility and are usually placed on the ceiling, although they can also be directly connected to the wall. Compared to PTZ Camera, Dome Camera can never be controlled manually or zoom in and out or pan left and right.

Difference between PTZ and Dome Camera


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