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Reliable Warranty and Support

  • Reliable Warranty and Support 1
    According to the "Product Standard Warranty Period". If the contract terms signed when ordering clearly stipulate the warranty period, the contract terms shall prevail.
  • Reliable Warranty and Support 2
    The so-called failure under normal conditions generally refers to the natural damage caused by no one deliberately or due to negligence in the normal use of the product user; neither failure or damage caused by improper operation or disassembly by the user.
  • Reliable Warranty and Support 3
    If there is any failure in the product you purchased, please send it back to the dealer or contact our company directly.

After-sales Service Policy

In order to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of customers and enable customers to better use and maintain the products, InfiRay will make a standard warranty service commitment for the products under warranty

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After-sales Service

Instruction of Repair Product Handling

  • Instruction of Repair Product Handling Instruction of Repair Product Handling

    After-sales personnel verify product information (including product specifications, model, delivery time, fault description, customer name, whether it is within the contract warranty period, etc.), products within the warranty period (not the customer's responsibility), after-sales personnel arrange repairs; if the product is out-of-warranty, or the customer is responsible for the fault, it will be processed further according to the communication with the customer. The products are processed in accordance with strict product maintenance and inspection procedures, and after-sales personnel monitor the whole process. After inspection, the products are returned to the customer by the after-sales personnel.

  • Products for Return or Change Products for Return or Change

    After-sales personnel conduct re-inspection. If the product meets the corresponding inspection and testing standards, the marketing personnel will return it to the customer. If the product does not meet the corresponding inspection and testing standards, the after-sales personnel will be responsible for the return and replacement. If the product has abnormal problems, but the product is still in the hands of the customer, the project manager & technical support will contact the customer for analysis, determination, and solutions.

  • Time and Cost for After-sales Maintenance Time and Cost for After-sales Maintenance

    After-sales personnel receive the repaired product and complete the repair within 7 working days after confirming. Then return the product to the customer and communicate with the customer to provide a preliminary solution under special circumstances. For faulty products that are within the warranty period but do not meet the warranty conditions, products that exceed the warranty period, and faults caused by improper use by the customer, the after-sales personnel will determine the problem, communicate with the customer, and negotiate to determine the repair cost before repairing. The decision is made after communicating with the customer for special circumstances.



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