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Cooled MWIR Camera Module

Cooled MWIR Camera Module adopts a variety of image processing algorithms, which is suitable for all kinds of extreme conditions and applications. It is designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and can be easily integrated into infrared systems that require advanced cooling and high-resolution thermal imaging solutions. It can detect small targets at extreme ranges making them highly suited for long range applications in challenging weather conditions. Cooled MWIR Camera Module could provide vivid thermal images with rich details and excellent image quality. And there are two modules under this category: FX640I and FX640E. 

Types of Cooled MWIR Camera Module

Cooled MWIR Camera Module Specs Index

Cooled MWIR Camera Module Functions

  • Cooled HgCdTe FPA Microbolometer Technology

  • High Resolution of 640×512 with Pixel Size of 15μm

  • High Sensitivity: NETD≤25mK

  • Ultra Clear Thermal Images with Lots Details and Excellent Image Quality

  • Compact Size, Light Weight and Small Volume

  • A Variety of Image Processing Algorithms Including Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC), Digital Filter Noise Reduction and Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)

  • Long Target Detection Distance in Extreme Weather Conditions

  • Manual/Automatic Brightness/Contrast Adjustment

  • 1x-8x Electronic Digital Zoom

  • Mirror Image and Flip The Image Horizontally or Vertically

  • Color Palettes of While Hot, Black Hot or Palette

  • Multiple Control and Image Output Interfaces, Easy to Integrate

Cooled MWIR Camera Module Functions

Lwir VS Mwir Thermal Module

Every object with a temperature exceeds the absolute zero-point (0 Kelvin = -273,15 °C) emits infrared (IR) radiation. An infrared camera detects and measures the infrared energy of objects. Infrared radiation energy is determined by the temperature and emissivity of the object, and is characterized by wavelengths ranging. MWIR collects light in the 3μm to 5μm spectral band, while LWIR collects light in the 8μm to 14μm spectral band, which is the wavelength range of the most available thermal imaging camera. MWIR Thermal Module generally provides better contrast and higher quality images than LWIR. Thus it's widely applied in a lot applications like Automation, Production Monitoring, Law Enforcement and so on.

Mid Wave Infrared


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