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Portable Thermal Camera

No matter how big or small the target, we have the right portable thermal imaging camera for problem solving. Portable thermal camera is a good helper for engineers with its compact and easy-taking size. Accurate temperature measurement and night vision functions can save time for higher efficiency during failure inspection and troubleshooting.

Types of Portable Thermal Camera

Portable Thermal Camera Specs Index

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Portable Thermal Camera Features

Ultra Clear Images and Ultra Far Detecting Range

InfiRay portable thermal camera has smaller size that are easier to carry than traditional thermal cameras. But the performance of them is not reduced. With resolution of 256x192, it makes you see the target clearly and quickly.

MATRIX III Patented Thermal Imaging Algorithm

The thermal images are optimized by Matrix III Algorithm to show more details and  to highlight the target from the background.

Hot Spot Tracking

With hot spot tracking function, you will lose no targets while running or driving.

Temperature Range -20°C ~ +120°C

No fear of winter. It can work well even in extremely cold environments, which makes you feel safe and free.

Portable Thermal Camera Features

Portable Thermal Camera Functions

Portable thermal camera integrates various functions in a compact body. It can be used as a night vision device. It is compact and durable, convenient for hunting and animal observation in darkness. With high image quality and low power consumption, portable thermal imaging camera is perfect for tracking and recording each moment of hunting and outdoor observation.

Portable thermal camera can also be used as a thermographic camera for industrial inspection and temperature measurement. With easy operation and high accuracy, it can check the heating target with professional analysis and detect potential faults, meeting the demands of professional engineers in industrial applications. 

Portable Thermal Scanner

Portable Thermal Camera Applications

Portable thermal camera can be used in many scenarios, such as animal observation, hunting, search and rescue, building inspection, water and gas leakage, power inspection, and automotive maintenance. For animal observation and building inspection, automotive maintenance, and power inspection, portable thermal imaging camera can provide clear images with details. For hunting, search, and rescue, it makes targeting easier by highlighting the target from the dark background environment in various color palettes. For water and gas leakage, portable thermal camera can detect the water and gas with different temperature with the tube or the environment. As long as leakage happens, it can be discovered by portable thermal camera as soon as possible to avoid large damage or loss.


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