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InfiRay®, Leading Manufacturer of IRFPA

InfiRay® is a developing and manufacturing company that devotes in infrared and thermal imaging industry. Our products and solutions are competitive for professional use thanks to their completely independent intellectual properties. Infrared detectors, thermal camera cores and modules, and thermal cameras and imagers for terminal applications are our major products, which have been sold to 89 countries and regions all over the world.

InfiRay's staff reaches 1200+, 48% of which concentrates product research and development. With years of efforts, 662 intellectual property projects have been authorized and accepted. These properties are about IC, MEMS sensors, Matrix III image algorithms, and AI-Temp intelligent precise temperature measurement algorithms. The products, solutions, and algorithms can be used in epidemic prevention and control, industrial temperature measurement, security monitoring, and fire prevention, night vision, auto-piloting, IoT, AI, and machine vision.

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Company Vision

Company Vision
Company Vision

Infrared Industrial Chain

  • Integrated Circuit

    Integrated Circuit

    Integrated circuit has the advantages of small volume, light weight, less outgoing lines and welding points, long service life, high reliability and good performance. At the same time, it has low cost and is convenient for large-scale production.

  • Sensors


    Infrared sensor is a kind of sensor that uses infrared to process data, comprising an optical system, a detection element and a conversion circuit. It has the advantages of high sensitivity. 

  • Infrared Detector

    Infrared Detector

    The infrared detector uses infrared thermal effect and photoelectric effect to convert the infrared radiation signal into electrical signal for output.

  • Thermal Modules

    Thermal Modules

    Thermal module is consist of the infrared detector and optical objective lens. It receives the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern of the measured target and reflect it on the infrared detector, so as to obtain the infrared thermal image.

  • Terminal Thermal Cameras

    Terminal Thermal Cameras

    Thermal camera is usually composed of optical component, focusing component, imaging circuit component, and infrared detector. It has various applications such as outdoor night vision, industrial inspection, and fever screening.

Technology Development History

  • InfiRay Infrared Detector

    In 2021

    Released world's 1st 8μm 1920×1080 infrared detector.

  • InfiRay Infrared Detector

    In 2020

    Independently developed ASIC image processing chips.

  • InfiRay 10μm 1280×1024 infrared detector

    In 2019

    Released the world's most advanced 10μm 1280×1024 infrared detector.

  • InfiRay 12μm 1280×1024 infrared detector

    In 2018

    Released 12μm 1280×1024 infrared detector.

  • InfiRay 12μm 640×512 infrared detector

    In 2017

    Released 12μm 640×512 infrared detector.

  • InfiRay 14μm 1024×768 infrared detector

    In 2015

    Released 14μm 1024×768 infrared detector.

Why does
InfiRay have Ultra Clear Technology?

InfiRay, leading manufacturer of uncooled IRFPA
InfiRay has been dedicated to the research and development of infrared sensing technologies and thermal imaging technologies. Relevant infrared and thermal imaging products are also manufactured by InfiRay, including infrared detectors, thermal imaging modules, night vision thermal cameras, and thermographic cameras for temperature measurement. These thermal cameras and imagers are professional and competitive globally with completely independent intellectual properties.
InfiRay is well known for the unique "Ultra Clear" technology that provides high-definition images with clear details.
InfiRay has 1200+ employees in total. 48% of which are devoted in research and development. With their efforts, 787 intellectual property projects have been authorized and accepted. The fields of properties include IC (integrated circuits), MEMS sensors, Image Algorithms of Matrix III, and Intelligent Accurate Temperature Measurement Algorithms of AI-Temp.
InfiRay products have been applied in various fields, including outdoor night vision, industrial thermography, security and firefighting, epidemic prevention, smartphone, AI, machine vision, and auto-piloting.

Why does InfiRay have Ultra Clear Technology?

Why is InfiRay® temperature measurement so accurate?

  • "Hard core" guarantee for accurate temperature measurement:

    InfiRay® infrared detector chip

  • AI-Temp customized automated production and calibration line

    :Calibration environment simulation without error 

  • AI-Temp intelligent temperature measurement algorithm set:

  • Dynamic temperature compensation algorithm:Real-time automatic judgment, real-time compensation

  • Traceabe correction algorithm:Infrared radiation path retrospective correction

  • Dynamic prediction algorithm of human body temperature:From the outside to the inside

Why is InfiRay® temperature measurement so accurate?
IRay Technology Co., Ltd.


  • IATF16949 Quality Management System Certificate

    IATF16949 Quality Management System Certificate

  • ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate

    ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate

  • QC080000 Certificate of Conformity-1

    QC080000 Certificate of Conformity-1

  • QC080000 Certificate of Conformity-2

    QC080000 Certificate of Conformity-2

  • P2 CE Certificate

    P2 CE Certificate

  • P2 FCC Certificate

    P2 FCC Certificate

  • P2 ROHS Report

    P2 ROHS Report

  • T3S CICC Certificate

    T3S CICC Certificate

  • T3S RoHS 1.0 Report

    T3S RoHS 1.0 Report

  • Xtherm CE Certificate

    Xtherm CE Certificate

  • Xtherm FCC Certificate

    Xtherm FCC Certificate

  • Outdoor Thermal Camera CE Certificate

    Outdoor Thermal Camera CE Certificate


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