Do You Know About Thermal Imaging Cameras?

Whether it's shopping, entertainment or safety, technological advancements have transformed the way of life around the world. These developments provide a better environment and safe living conditions. Thermal imagers are one such invention, which provides better surveillance capabilities, resulting in increased security for homes, offices or industrial establishments.

1. About the thermal imager

Accepted by the entire security industry as the best 24-hour visual surveillance option on the market, thermal cameras are an integral part of effectively protecting borders, airports, seaports, critical infrastructure and more. Thermal imagers allow people to see what their eyes cannot: all objects emit invisible thermal radiation, regardless of lighting conditions. Some of the biggest benefits of thermal imaging come from the security realm. Security cameras have become the primary means of protection for many, if not all, major businesses across the country, where the need to produce high-quality images is critical to providing ongoing protection against would-be intruders.

2. Advantages of thermal imaging cameras

Low-light scenarios: When cameras monitor the perimeter of a building, they often have to deal with low-light scenarios (eg, at night). This is an area where thermal imaging cameras can really shine.

Unaffected by visual limitations: Visible cameras, like our eyes, often have difficulty seeing through naturally occurring visual obstacles that block reflected light. However, because thermal radiation passes through these visual barriers, thermal cameras can see what cameras cannot.

Camouflage Plants: Ordinary cameras that only capture visible light can in some cases be fooled by visual camouflage or when similar colors or patterns are mixed together. This makes the object or person that needs to be detected unobservable.

Fewer false positives: Thermal cameras often prove to be cost-effective in commercial protection scenarios as they help reduce the number of false positives.

Higher ROI: Thermal imaging cameras are a very affordable option for many businesses looking to ensure they have the best security and protection solutions on the market today. Generally speaking, the total cost of ownership of a security system with a thermal camera is much lower than that of a CCTV security system. For example, due to its incredible range performance, projects require fewer thermal imaging cameras than using visible light thermal imaging cameras. Additionally, most cameras cannot see beyond 200 meters at night and require supplemental lighting, which in itself is very expensive to install and maintain.

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