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1535nm Eye-Safe Erbium Glass Laser

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  • infiray product pic 01 1535nm eye safe erbium glass laser

High-power, near-diffraction-limited erbium glass laser.

Utilizing a diode-pumped erbium glass laser, this laser produces eye-safe output in the 1.4 to 2.0μm wavelength range with beam quality nearing the diffraction limit. It boasts low energy consumption and a high peak power of 50kW, while operating effectively across all temperature ranges.

Ideal for laser rangefinding, illumination, LIDAR, and targeting applications.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of 1535nm Eye-Safe Erbium Glass Laser

  • Eye-safe

  • High peak power

  • Working at all temperatures

Features-this Erbium Glass Laser has compact size, low energy consumption, and narrow pulse width

Features-this Erbium Glass Laser is eye-safe band, high peak power, and can work at all temperatures

Applications of 1535nm Eye-Safe Erbium Glass Laser

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of 1535nm Eye-Safe Erbium Glass Laser

BasicPeak Wavelength1535±5nm
Mono-Pulse Energy~100  μ」~200  μ」~300   μJ~400  u」
Power Fluctuation
Operating Frequency1~10   Hz1~5   Hz
Pulse Width4ns±1   ns5.5ns±1ns
Beam Divergence Angle0.6mrad±0.1mrad0.3mrad±0.05mrad
ElectricalPower Supply Mode~2V,12A,~1ms~2V,12A,~2ms~2V,12A,~2ms~2V,15A,~2ms
Power Consumption<30mW/Hz<60mW/Hz<135mW/Hz
-40℃~+75   ℃-40℃~+65℃

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