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Ceramic Packaged Infrared Detector

Similar to metal packaging, ceramic packaging is also a mature infrared detector packaging technology. And it benefits from the improvement of readout circuit performance and the increasingly perfect Tecless technology. Without TEC, it can reduce the requirements on the volume of the packaging shell and reduce the cost, making it more popular in civilian products. Ceramic Packaged Uncooled Infrared Detector has an InfiRay self-developed VOx thermal imaging sensor (12μm or 17μm) inside with high resolution (1280×1024, 1028×768, 640×512 or 384×288). It could also offer HD thermal images for low power consumption and compact size applications.

Types of Ceramic Packaged Infrared Detector

Ceramic Packaged Infrared Detector Features

  • VOx Microbolometer Technology

VOx Microbolometer Technology is applied in Ceramic Packaged Uncooled Infrared Detector.

  • Low Power Consumption

Ceramic Packaged Uncooled Infrared Detector is an ideal choice for applications requiring low power consumption and smaller size.

  • TEC-less

No TEC is required, which can reduce the requirements of packaging shell volume and further reduce the cost.

  • High Sensitivity

It combines high sensitivity and reliability to meet the requirements of high-definition imaging. 

  • Smaller Thermal Time Constant

With smaller thermal time constant, it can generate detailed thermal image more quickly.

  • RoHS-compliant lead-free package

Ceramic packaged uncooled infrared detectors use lead-free packaging materials that meet RoHS requirements.

Ceramic Packaged Infrared Detector Features

IR Detector working principle

An infrared (IR) sensor is an electronic device that can measure and detect infrared radiation in the surrounding environment. It does this by emitting or detecting infrared radiation. As you probably know, every object whose temperature exceeds absolute zero (0 Kelvin = -273,15 °C) emits infrared (IR) radiation. The infrared light emitted by different kinds of objects has its specific waveband, and the infrared light of this waveband is outside the visible light waveband. Therefore, people can use this specific waveband infrared light to detect and track objects and targets. The technology that detects invisible infrared radiation and converts it into a measurable signal is infrared detection technology.

Detectors of IR Spectroscopy


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