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ASIC Uncooled Thermal Module

Instead of the FPGA solution provided by the traditional thermal imaging module, our self-developed Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip fully supports infrared temperature measurement, real-time detection of points, lines and areas, digital zoom, various color palettes, OSD and other functions. The ASIC Uncooled Thermal Module is smaller in size, lighter in weight, lower in power consumption and cost, and higher in performance, which can meet the application requirements of a new generation of infrared detectors for Size, Weight, Power, Price, and Performance (SWaP3).

Types of ASIC Uncooled Thermal Module

ASIC Based Uncooled Thermal Module Features

  • Self-developed ASIC Infrared Processing Chip

ASIC Based Uncooled Thermal Module employs our self-developed ASIC Infrared Processing Chip in the core processor which is compact and lightweight. It could offer high-quality thermal images and high-accuracy temperature measurement function with advanced thermal image and temperature algorithm. 

  • Low Power Consumption, Compact Size and Lightweight

Compared to traditional FPGA, ASIC Based Uncooled Thermal Module is much smaller in size, lighter in weight and has super low power consumption with a competitive price.

  • Rich and Flexible Interfaces, Easy to Integrate

ASIC Based Uncooled Thermal Module supports DVP parallel digital video output, SPI video transmission, and I2C and UART communication interfaces along with other digital video formats including RAW14, YUV, Y8, BT.656, BT.1120 and LVCMOS. It also supports output of image data and temperature data at the same time. And SDK secondary development is provided.

Asic Module

ASIC Based Uncooled Thermal Module Applications

With powerful and professional infrared image processing capabilities, the ASIC image processing chip supports non-uniformity correction (NUC), TEC-less, digital filtering noise reduction, and digital detail enhancement (DDE). ASIC Based Uncooled Thermal Module have the combination features of extreme compactness, lighter weight, and lower power consumption due to the ASIC image processing chip in its core part. It's convenient to integrate with a variety of interfaces and could offer the SDK secondary development for customers. Equipped with high resolution thermal detector, ASIC Based Uncooled Thermal Module is more suitable for applications in miniaturized handheld devices, power monitoring systems, wearable devices, industrial automation, and light UAVs.

Asic Camera


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