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Uncooled LWIR Camera Module

InfiRay® Uncooled LWIR thermal camera sensor module can provide crisp and clear thermal images under normal temperature conditions. Equipped with self-developed infrared detectors and various lenses optional, it can be applied to fields such as industrial temperature measurement, UAV, and security monitoring.

Types of Uncooled LWIR Camera Module

Uncooled LWIR Camera Module Specs Index

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Features of Uncooled LWIR Camera Module

High performance to meet various future demands

Self-developed VOx detector with high frame rate, high pixel, and high sensitivity. Its wide temperature measurement range (-20°C~ + 550°C) allows monitoring of industrial targets with high-temperature requirements.

Rich interfaces for wide application scope

It is compact, lightweight, and easy to install in space-limited areas, without load generated to the detected equipment. Standard USB interface is supported (optional), enabling fast data transmission and improving efficiency.

High image quality

High-end VOx detector provides high-definition thermal images. Professional germanium lens provides excellent infrared transmittance and contrast. Multiple lenses are optional to meet requirements in different scenarios. Multiple palettes meet requirements in different scenarios.

Features of Uncooled LWIR Camera Module

What can InfiRay thermal imaging modules/camera cores offer?

  • Adopting self-developed Matrix Ⅳ High-Quality Image Algorithm, no fear of smoke and darkness, providing rich details;

  • The temperature measurement type is equipped with accurate and fast temperature measurement function, and the temperature measurement application can be carried out when the device is turned on;

  • Equipped with a leading programmable structure, flexible architecture, rich functions, and strong customization;

  • The latest generation of products has excellent SWaP performance, ultra-small size, ultra-low power consumption, and ultra-light weight, meeting the needs of infrared light weight and low cost;



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