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ELF1 Uncooled Micro Thermal Module

  • ELF1 Uncooled Micro Thermal Module
  • ELF1 Uncooled Micro Thermal Module

ELF1 is a unique and innovative micro infrared thermal imaging module with exquisite structure and flexible application. 

Resolution: 256×192 

Pixel size: 12μm 

Focal length: 3.2mm/7.0mm

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of ELF1 Uncooled Micro Thermal Module

Exquisite structure

  • Dimension of 21×14.6mm, weight of 3.5g, easy integration; 

  • Equipped with positioning holes for easy installation; 

  • Flexible cable connection and the cable type can be customized to adapt to the whole machine structure.

Innovative solution

  • ARM SOC is used to drive sensors and process data directly to achieve extreme price-performance ratio; 

  • Support calling ISP/DSP of SOC, taking into account both effect and power consumption; 

  • Provide abundant API and support secondary development.

High performance, high precision, rich selections

  • Resolution of 256×192, fast and efficient;

  • Industrial temperature measurement model, temperature measurement range: -20°C~+550°C;

  • Human body temperature measurement model, the maximum temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5°C;

  • 3.2mm and 7mm lenses are optional to meet the requirements of large FOV or remote measurement.

Applications of ELF1 Uncooled Micro Thermal Module

ELF1 Uncooled Micro Thermal Module Applications

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of ELF1 Uncooled Micro Thermal Module

Performance Indicator

Detector TypeUncooled VOx infrared detector
Pixel Size12μm
Detector Frame Rate25Hz /30Hz
Spectral Band8~14μm
NETD≤50mK@25°C, F#1.0
Measurement RangeIndustrial temperature measurement type: -20°C~+150°C, 0~+550°C
Human body temperature measurement type: 0~60°C
Measurement AccuracyIndustrial temperature measurement type: ±3°C or ±3% of reading (The greater shall prevail) @ ambient temperature -20°C~+60°C
Human body temperature measurement type: ±0.5°C @ target temperature 33°C~42°C; ±1.0°C @ target temperature 20°C~33°C; ±1.0°C @ target temperature 42°C~50°C   @ ambient temperature 15°C~45°C
Typical Power Consumption @ 25ºCAbout 50mW
Weight (without FPC)About 3.5g[1]
Data OutputRaw data
Communication InterfaceI2C
Connector33pin; 0.3mm spacing; same plane
FPCThe default length is 50mm, which can be customized according to the demand
Matching Lens3.2mm: 56°×42.2°
7mm: 24.8°×18.7°
ShutterIncluding shutter and shutter drive chip
Operating TemperatureIndustrial temperature measurement type: -20°C~+60°C
Human body temperature measurement type: -10°C~+60°C
Note: Data are measured with 3.2mm lens

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