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Silence (S) 4 Series Shutter-less Uncooled Thermal Camera Core

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Shutter-less algorithm, silent module, ultra-high image quality, highly customized

Resolution: 384×288/640×512

Pixel pitch: 12μm

Detector package: ceramic packaged

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  • Features
  • Applications
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Features of Silence (S) 4 Series Shutter-less Uncooled Thermal Camera Core

(1) Shutter-less algorithm, silent module:

The shutterless algorithm (shutterless) is applied to correct the images by motion judgment, achieving the same effect of the traditional shutter;

The shutter-less algorithm avoids the change of the correlation between the former and latter images caused by the continuous shutter. At the same time, without the shutter, the thermal camera core will not produce sound during operation. The core achieves silent and meets customers who have requirements for quietness.

(2) Ultra-high image quality, able to work normally in extreme environments:

Wide operating temperature range (-40°C~+65°C) makes it adaptable to various ambient temperatures. Whether in a cold winter forest or a high temperature summer grassland, it can easily handle.

The third-generation image algorithm further improves the image quality to meet customers' needs for high image quality.

(3) Support different interfaces, peripherals, and UI customization:

Support multiple interfaces, including analog PAL system, and digital BT.656, DVP, USB;

Support built-in UI customization to meet the unique needs of customers;

Support a variety of peripherals, laser ranging, many OLED screens, and customized functions for up to 6 buttons.

Applications of Silence (S) 4 Series Shutter-less Uncooled Thermal Camera Core


Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of Silence (S) 4 Series Shutter-less Uncooled Thermal Camera Core

Detector TypeUncooled VOx Infrared Detector
Detector Frame Rate50Hz
Pixel Pitch12μm
Spectral Band8~14μm
NETD≤50mK@25℃,F#1.0 (≤40mK optional)
Image Adjustment
Brightness Adjustment0~20 optional
Contrast Adjustment0~20 optional
PolarityWhite hot/Black hot
Pseudo ColorSupported
Digital Zoom1.0~8.0× continuous zoom (step size 0.1)
Image MirroringVerticle/horizontal/diagonal
Image ProcessingScene-based non-uniformity correction
Digital filter noise reduction
Digital detail enhancement
Power Supply
Power Supply Range5V~12VDC
Typical Power Consumption @25℃
(containing user extensions)
Analog Video1 channel PAL system
Digital VideoBT656/DVP
Serial Communication InterfaceUART
Expandable Interface BoardUSB (Other interfaces can be customized)
Button6 buttons
Physical Characteristics
Weight28±3g (Lens and User Expansion Kit not included)
Dimension28mm×28mm×22.9mm (Lens and User Expansion Kit not included)
Environmental Adaptability
Operating Temperature-40℃~+65℃
Storage Temperature-50℃~+85℃
Humidity5%-95%, non-condensing
Vibration6.06g, random vibration, all axes
Shock80g @ 4ms, post-peak sawtooth wave, 3 axes and 6 directions

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