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Micro IIIS 384/640 Uncooled Thermal Camera Core

  • Micro ⅢS 384/640 Uncooled Thermal Camera Core
  • Micro ⅢS 384/640 Uncooled Thermal Camera Core
  • Micro ⅢS 384/640 Uncooled Thermal Camera Core
  • Micro ⅢS 384/640 Uncooled Thermal Camera Core

The Micro IIIS Uncooled Thermal Camera Core is specially designed for applications that are more sensitive to size and power consumption. It supports a variety of serial communications and video output interfaces, and has a wealth of user expansion components. At the same time, various lightweight infrared lenses are available. The thermal imaging type products can provide complete infrared imaging solutions for various small handheld telescopes, helmet night vision equipment, light UAV systems, and multi-light fusion photoelectric products. The temperature measurement type products can be used in industrial temperature measurement, electric power temperature measurement, security temperature measurement and machine vision and other fields.

Spectral band: 8μm~14μm

Pixel pitch: 12μm

Array size: 384×288 640×512

Weight (without lens): 20g±3g

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of Micro IIIS 384/640 Uncooled Thermal Camera Core

1. Cherry Core, Original Design:

- It has an ultra-small size (26×26×22mm) and a regular shape. The optical center coincides with the geometric center. The size of a cherry makes it easier to integrate.

- Light weight (20g) empowers light UAV, small handheld observation devices, and machine vision equipment.

- Low power consumption (full frame rate 50Hz power consumption<700mW) brings great technical advantages for the heat dissipation of the system.


2. From range to precision, meet the needs of integrators:

- Wide-range temperature measurement (-20°C~+550°C) is suitable for various industrial application scenarios, easy to deal with.

- High temperature measurement accuracy (±3°C or ±3%) meets the needs of temperature measurement applications in various industrial scenarios.

- When observing high-speed moving targets or targets with rapid temperature changes, high frame frequency (50Hz) brings smooth video without stuck, improving detection efficiency and data reliability.

- High sensitivity (0.04°C) provides high-definition images and can distinguish more details or detect farther targets.

- Using InfiRay latest fifth-generation infrared image processing algorithm, it can still take into account the visualization of image details when outputting accurate temperature data.


3. Interface, temperature measurement mode, environmental directives, secondary development, everything you want is available

- Abundant data interfaces (5 types) adapt to more platforms, reducing the R&D cycle and costs.

- 6 temperature measurement modes assist engineers to conduct more professional and comprehensive temperature analysis without missing any abnormal temperature points.

- Comply with the requirements of RoHS green environmental protection directive, export worry-free.

- Provide SDK development kit, support language, user-defined crosshairs, improve practicability and reality, and achieve customer advantages;

Applications of Micro IIIS 384/640 Uncooled Thermal Camera Core


Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform
ModuleMicro IIIS 384Micro IIIS 384(radiometric)Micro IIIS640Micro IIIS 640(radiometric)Micro III 256L
Detector TypeVOx Uncooled Infrared FPA
Pixel Pitch12μm12μm
Frame Rate50Hz /25Hz25Hz
Spectral Range8~14μm
NETD≤50mK@25℃, F#1.0
PolarityBlackhot / whitehot/
ReticleDisplay/disappear/move /
Digital Zoom1.0~4.0×continuous zoom(in 0.1× increment)/
Image Processing NUC
Image Mirror Right-left/Up-down/Diagonal/
Power Supply
Supply Voltage4~5.5VDC/
Expansion boards support 3.5~18VDC/
Typical Supply Voltage4VDC5VDC
Power ProtectionOver-voltage/Under-voltage/Reverse Connection/
Typical Consumption@25℃Excluding expansion board≤0.6W≤0.7W≤0.35W
Including expansion board≤0.8W≤0.9W/
Video OutputAnalog video1 channel PAL /
Digital videoLVDS,LVCMOS,BT.656/BT.1120,CDS2/
MIPI 4laneMIPI 2lane/8bit LVCMOS
Serial Communication InterfaceRS-232/
Temperature Measurement Function
Measuring Range -20℃~+150℃, +100℃~+550℃-20℃~+550℃
Measuring Accuracy±3℃ or ±3% of reading(The larger value shall prevail)@ ambient temperature of -20℃~60℃
Measuring ToolsSpot, line, Area/
Physical Property
Weight (without lens and expansion board)20g±3g/
Size (without lens)26mm × 26mm×22mm/
Environmental adaptation
Operating Temperature-40℃~+80℃(-20℃~+60℃ for radiometric function)-20℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature-45℃~+85℃/
Humidity5~95%, non-condensing/
Vibration6.06g, Random vibration, all axial direction/
Shock80g, 4ms, Final peak sawtooth wave, 3 axial 6 direction/

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