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Micro III Lite 640 Uncooled Micro Thermal Camera Core

  • MicroIII Lite 640 Uncooled Micro Thermal Camera Core
  • MicroIII Lite 640 Uncooled Micro Thermal Camera Core
  • MicroIII Lite 640 Uncooled Micro Thermal Camera Core
  • MicroIII Lite 640 Uncooled Micro Thermal Camera Core
  • MicroIII Lite 640 Uncooled Micro Thermal Camera Core

InfiRay® Micro III Lite Uncooled Micro Thermal Camera Core is a new generation of OEM core components. With smaller size and lower power consumption, it is optimized for applications sensitive to size and power.

Simplified but not simple. It adopts the latest platform algorithm to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution. The rich interfaces make it easy for integration and secondary development.

Resolution: 640×512, 12μm

DFOV: 12°~130°

Temperature range: -20~650°C

Power Consumption: 350mW

Weight: <10g

Size: 21mm×21mm×10mm

Support protocol: MIPI/BT.656/BT.1120/LVCMOS/UVC

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of Micro III Lite 640 Uncooled Micro Thermal Camera Core

Micro Ⅲ Lite miniature high-performance series movement features: SWaP design (low power consumption, light weight, small size), high performance, rich interfaces, support multiple application scenarios

1. Industry-leading SWaP design

    a) Ultra-low power consumption, with a typical power consumption of 350mW. It is the lowest power consumption precision temperature measurement core in the market, which can greatly extend the battery life of end products.

    b) Ultra-light weight, movement weight<10g, lightweight design, the best choice for smart portable and light-loaded devices.

    c) Ultra-small size, the body is only 21mm×21mm×10mm, and there is only one circuit board, which can greatly reduce the size of the back-end product.

2. Matrix Ⅳ image algorithm and efficient temperature measurement capability

    a) The latest generation of image algorithms, bringing amazing details and contrast performance;

    b) Efficient and accurate temperature measurement capability, the user can quickly obtain accurate temperature information after starting the device.

3. Accumulated years of experience in camera development, supporting rich interface protocols

    a) Communication protocol: UART/I2C

    b) Video protocol: MIPI/UVC/BT.656/BT.1120/LVCOMS

         BT.656/BT.1120 compatible internal synchronization code

    c) User extensions: USB2.0 / BT.656

4. Rich lens and model selection, designed for various application scenarios

    a) The focal length range of the lens is 4.1mm~45mm, and the DFOV covers 12°~130°,

    b) Provide Windows, Linux, Android SDK to facilitate rapid back-end development

    c) For vehicle auxiliary equipment and drones, provide subdivision solutions to meet the needs of various industries

5.Rich interfaces

It provides a variety of standard protocols and video formats in the industry, including BT.656\BT.1120\MIPI video output, which improves the ease of use for customer development.

Applications of Micro III Lite 640 Uncooled Micro Thermal Camera Core


Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of Micro III Lite 640 Uncooled Micro Thermal Camera Core

Performance   IndexMicro III Lite 640Micro III Lite 640 (radiometric)
Detector   TypeVOx   Uncooled IRFPA
Pixel   Pitch12μm
Frame Rate50Hz25Hz
Spectral   Range8~14μm
NETD≤50mK@25, F#1.0
Image   Adjustment
Brightness &Contrast AdjustmentManual/Auto
Color   PalettesSupport 
Image Processingw/o   TEC temperature control algorithm
Histogram equalization
Image MirrorLeft-right/Up-down/Diagonal
Power   Supply
Power Supply Range3.85.5VDC / 1.8V / 3.3V
The user expansion component supports USB2.0,   5V
Typical Power Consumption
w/o   expansion component≤0.50W≤0.40W
With   expansion component0.65W0.55W
Digital Video14Bit   LVCMOS
2lane MIPIRaw8
Serial Communication InterfacesUART1.8V/I2Ccustomized
External Triggers1.8V   Rising edge
Temperature   Measurement Performance
Temperature   Measurement Range————-20℃~+150,100℃~+650
Accuracy————±3 or ±3% of readingThe larger value shall prevail@ ambient temperature -2060, ±2/±0.5℃ (customized)
Physical   Properties
without lens
Size(w/o   lens)21mm×21mm×10mm
Environmental   Adaptation
Operating Temperature Range-40℃~+80℃ (-20℃~+60 for radiometric function)
Storage Temperature Range-45℃~+85℃
Humidity5~95%, no condensation
Vibration6.06g, random vibration, all axial
Shock80, 4ms, final peak sawtooth wave, 3 axial 6 direction

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