Security China 2023 (Beijing) InfiRay Product Launch—Intelligent Dual-Spectrum Dome Camera for Temperature Measurement

The 16th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2023 (Security China), sponsored by the China Security & Protection Industry Association  (CSPIA), was opened on June 7, 2023, at the Shougang Exhibition & Convention Center, Beijing, China. As a leader in infrared thermal imaging, InfiRay was invited to participate in the exhibition. InfiRay showcased a wide range of full-pixel-coverage infrared thermal imaging products and solutions targeted for diverse application scenarios, such as  security surveillance, river monitoring, forest fire prevention, perimeter protection, and industrial temperature measurement. Visitors were highly interested and  crowded at InfiRay's booth.


Security Surveillance

In the exhibition, this novel 360° rotating device attracted many visitors. It is the Infrared Panoramic Camera XSENTRY for real-time panoramic imaging in security surveillance. This device can detect multiple targets simultaneously, display their motion tracks, and give alarms. It enables middle-and long-distance detection with no blind zone and protects border security round the clock by virtue of the active phased array S20-G in the micro-wave band and the heavy-duty PTZ cameras PT8 and PT6 integrating with infrared thermal imaging, high-definition visible light - in multi-spectral imaging.


The 100% China-made GENE Cooled Infrared Module also made its debut. Its brilliant imaging allows people to "see every hair clearly". Compared with uncooled  infrared modules, GENE features much higher detection sensitivity, demonstrating InfiRay's strength in infrared thermal imaging for years and proving that InfiRay's technologies are on the cutting edge.


Forest Fire Prevention

The clear traces of footprints were displayed on the large screen. This image  was generated in real time by the dual-spectrum thermal camera PT4 with a built-in  InfiRay® 12μm high-performance uncooled infrared detector and 1280×1024 thermal  resolution. This presentation in various palette modes also caught the eyes of many visitors.


PT4 also plays a major role in forest fire prevention. With a built-in intelligent fire recognition algorithm, the device can accurately locate the fire source at an ultra-long distance of 3-5 km. In combination with an integrated forest fire prevention platform, it can detect fires and give alarms promptly and accurately, eliminating  forest fire hazards.


River Monitoring

A mysterious new product was unveiled at the exhibition. It is the "River Guard"— the Dual-Spectrum Thermal Imaging Temperature Measurement Dome Camera IRS-SD4-T. Featuring 640×512 pixels, with a 37× visible light camera and a high-speed  rotating dome camera, this product enables fast middle-and long-distance river monitoring. Based on the built-in intelligent analysis algorithm, it can classify and identify targets, locate them quickly, and give real-time alarms, for river protection.


Perimeter Protection

XSENTRY-UM6 Infrared Panoramic Camera with a mini size is just 110mm×180mm and weighs 2.1kg only. It is small but powerful in perimeter protection. This product can simultaneously detect and track multiple persons within 750m and vehicles with a radius of 1.5km. Equipped with an 8-hour battery module and a mobile tablet, it is highly flexible for short-distance detection, mobile routine inspection, all-weather image acquisition, and intelligent alarm management.


Industrial Temperature Measurement

To meet the needs of industrial temperature measurement, InfiRay also brought multi-resolution thermal imaging cameras, including 256-resolution semi-dome, dome, and bullet cameras; 640-resolution single-and dual-spectrum bullet cameras; explosion-proof bullet and PTZ cameras for special application scenarios; and the good tools for routine inspection—light-load PTZ cameras. These products enable 24h online temperature measurement and support intelligent analysis of behaviors in warning areas, such as tripwire intrusion and regional intrusions. InfiRay always represents a high quality, and its diverse product applications have sparked heated discussions.

As the security industry develops rapidly, InfiRay will keep on breaking through  and innovating products and solutions to enrich its portfolio. Relying on its own advantageous positioning technology, InfiRay will continue to explore and expand  the innovative applications of infrared thermal imaging in the security field. InfiRay is committed to promoting the high-quality development of the security industry in China, and contributing to the improvements of public security governance and  social governance systems.