InfiRay at CES 2024: A Triumph in Technological Innovation

Las Vegas, NV - InfiRay, a global leader in thermal imaging technology, showcased an extraordinary array of cutting-edge products at CES 2024, solidifying its position as an innovator at the forefront of the tech industry. The company's booth, located at the Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D, drew widespread attention, featuring a diverse range of products that left an indelible mark on the landscape of technological advancement.


World's Smallest Thermal Camera and Monoculars

InfiRay's P2 Pro and Xinfrared T2 Pro made waves as the world's smallest thermal camera and monocular, respectively. These compact yet powerful devices redefine the possibilities of thermal imaging technology, offering unparalleled portability without compromising performance.



Temperature Measurement Mastery

The Xinfrared T2s Plus took center stage as the 8mm Temperature Measurement Master, showcasing its capability to provide precise temperature readings in various scenarios. This advancement opens new avenues for applications in fields where accurate temperature monitoring is critical.


Enhanced Performance for Outdoors

The InfiRay Outdoor Finder FH35R, an upgrade to the Finder V2, demonstrated a significant leap in image quality and user experience. With a thermal sensor boasting higher sensitivity and an objective lens equipped with a larger aperture, the Finder FH35R is tailored for professional hunters demanding superior performance and ultra-portable design.


New Product Releases

InfiRay didn't stop at mere improvements; it introduced groundbreaking products, including the Xinfrared XH15, recognized as the Best Thermal under USD 1000. The Xinfrared XT300 marked a milestone as the World's First Dual-OS Cell Camera, while the Xinfrared GO19 claimed the title of the World's Smallest Thermal Camera. Additionally, the InfiRay NV2, equipped with anti-deer collision technology, ensures night turns to day for enhanced safety.



Versatile Applications Across Industries

InfiRay's comprehensive product lineup reflects its commitment to advancing technology across various sectors. From intelligent industry applications and outdoor night vision observation to AI, machine vision, smart driving, UAV, security and fire control, IoT, and epidemic prevention and control, InfiRay products continue to make significant contributions.


As CES 2024 comes to a close, InfiRay stands tall as a trailblazer in technological innovation, leaving an indomitable mark on the global stage. The company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in thermal imaging technology ensures that it remains a key player in shaping the future of the tech ecosystem.