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IR-Pilot640X/M Automotive Night Vision Thermal Camera

  • IR-Pilot640X/M Automotive Night Vision Thermal Camera
  • IR-Pilot640X/M Automotive Night Vision Thermal Camera
  • IR-Pilot640X/M Automotive Night Vision Thermal Camera
  • IR-Pilot640X/M Automotive Night Vision Thermal Camera

IR-Pilot640X/M car Automotive Night Vision Thermal Camera is a miniaturized, car-grade product specially designed and developed for the car market. The products can be applied to scenarios such as pre-installation and rear-installation of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, high-speed rail and rail transit, assisted driving, and automatic driving solutions. The product is convenient and easy to use, and its serialization can meet the application requirements of different recognition distances and field of view angles, and protect driving safety in harsh environments such as dark night, strong light (high beam glare), fog and haze, light rain and snow.

Spectral band: 8μm~14μm

Pixel pitch: 12μm

Array size: 640×512

Dimension: 35×35×62;29.8×29.8×44.6

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  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of IR-Pilot640X/M Automotive Night Vision Thermal Camera

1. Vehicle-grade products:

Meet the working temperature and protection level requirements of the automotive industry, and pass the IATF16949 system certification;

2. Scene-based non-uniformity correction technology:

The dedicated scene-based non-uniformity correction technology can realize that the image does not freeze, so that the system can work continuously, avoiding image freeze, and escorting every second without slack.

3. Miniaturization and low power consumption:

Small size and easy layout.

4. Multi-lens options:

Provide long, medium and short focal length lens adaptations to meet different distance perception needs and bring different choices to vehicle customers.

Applications of IR-Pilot640X/M Automotive Night Vision Thermal Camera


Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Detector TypeVOx Uncooled IRFPA
Spectral Range8~14μm
Array Format 640×512
Pixel Pitch12μm
Optical Parameters
Identification Distance (theoretical calculation, vehicle / person)80m/60m125m/90m200m/160m270m/210m145m/107m208m/162m
Video and Image
Frame Rates50Hz
Data Format
RAW data(14bit),YUV422 data(8bit)
Color Palettes18 kinds such as BlackHot, WhiteHot, Rainbow 
Image AlgorithmsAuto brightness/contrast, DDE
Camera Dimension(mm)35 × 35× 6229.8 × 29.8× 44.6
Camera Weight(g)≈10064.3±5
Environmental Adaptation
Encapsulation Rating IP67, IP69K(FAKRA only)
Operating Temperature-40°C to +85°C
Lens ProtectionHigh strength protection window
Window DefrostAuto defrost
Solar ProtectionIdentify solar lights automatically and start protection
Communication InterfaceI2CUARTI2CUART
External SyncAvailableUnavailable AvailableUnavailable
Power Supply
Power Supply
Heated window: 12VDC (GMSL)
Power Consumption
≤1W, or ≤5W with heater

≤0.8W, or ≤5W with heater

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