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T Series Handheld Thermal Camera

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InfiRay Kaiyang T Series Handheld Thermal Camera is embedded with the self-developed VOx infrared detector with high performance, resolution and sensitivity. It is the first infrared thermal camera with auto-focusing function and replaceable lens. The powerful hardware configuration shines in application fields such as production equipment inspection, manufacturing process inspection, and metallurgy and chemical industry. More breakthroughs have been achieved in terms of software functions, including smart shooting (inspection task package), smart database management (picture retrieval, comparison and analysis), and smart diagnosis, providing comprehensive and efficient inspection solutions for users in the power industry.

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  • Features
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Features of T Series Handheld Thermal Camera

1.Comprehensive Leading Thermal Imaging Performance

Make Inspection Efficient, Clear, and Accurate 

  • 384×288/640×512 High Infrared Resolution, 50mK High Thermal Sensitivity 

Kaiyang T Series offers two solutions, T300 and T600. T300 is cost-effective for daily and some fine inspections, while T600 with higher resolution can fully meet the most demanding professional requirements for fine inspection.

Both T300 and T600 have ultra-high thermal sensitivity of 50mK, highlighting more temperature details and finding out the potential risks that are difficult to find by low-sensitivity equipment during inspection.

  • Various Lenses from Wide-angle to Long-focus is Optional, Suitable for Multiple Scenarios

Kaiyang T Series has replaceable lenses. Various lens clusters from wide angle to long focus are provided for engineers to cope with all kinds of thermal imaging applications. They can conduct fast checking with wide-angle lens around near area and can deal with small target inspection in distance.

  • Fully Automatic Infrared Focusing System, Fast for Improving Efficiency

The newly introduced automatic infrared focusing system realizes quick and accurate focusing on the target. It enables engineers to focus and take pictures quickly with only one hand in a complex environment, thereby improving work efficiency and safety.

2.Combining Multiple Advantages Together 

Classic Product Worth Every Penny 

  • 5-inch Touch Screen, Intuitive and Easy-to-operate 

Larger display brings clearer view and more accurate operation. It is convenient to use point/line/area temperature measuring tools on site for efficient and clear observation and analysis of targets.

  • 5,000,000-pixel Visible Light Camera, Recording Inspection Results with Dual-spectrum

Kaiyang T Series supports 4 image modes, including infrared, PIP (picture-in-picture), dual-spectrum fusion, and visible light. They are integrated to efficiently find targets and record visible light at the same time for detailed analysis of site conditions.

  • More Extended Functions 

Kaiyang T Series has flexible and diverse file and video transmission modes, including, WiFi, HDMI and USB.Multiple functions are available, such as GPS, Bluetooth, laser rangefinding, audible and visual alarm, so as to improve the speed and efficiency of inspection and maintenance.

3.Professional and Diverse Software Functions

Smart Equipment to Improve Efficiency

  • Smart Shooting - Power Inspection Task Package

The chart of the inspection task can be imported in advance to automatically generate the inspection task package. It can save the working effort by saving the photos automatically according to the naming rules in the inspection task package.

  • Database Management - Image Retrieval, Comparison, and Analysis

Kaiyang T Series supports intelligent database management to enable the functions of equipment image retrieval and equipment status comparison and analysis. The data are traceable as the basis for equipment status prediction reducing misjudgment.

  • Generation Test Reports Automatically

Click for professional report. The data processing cost and learning cost for users are greatly reduced.

Applications of  T Series Handheld Thermal Camera



Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of T Series Handheld Thermal Camera

Detector TypeUncooled VOx IRFPA
Detector Resolution640*512384*288
Thermal sensitivity/NETD<50mK<50mK
Spatial resolution(IFOV)0.68mrad(with 24°* 18°lens);1.31mrad(with 24°* 18° lens);
1.30mrad(with 48°* 36°lens);2.6mrad(with 48°* 36°lens);
0.34mrad(with 12°* 9°lens);0.68mrad(with 12°* 9°lens);
0.17mrad(with 6°* 4.5°lens);0.34mrad(with 6°* 4.5°lens);
minial focus distance MFD

4m (6° * 4.5°lens)

4m (6° * 4.5°lens)
1m (12° * 9°lens)1m (12° * 9°lens)
0.5m (24° * 18°lens)0.5m (24° * 18°lens)
0.3m (48° * 36°lens)0.3m (48° * 36°lens)
LensStandard:24°, Optional:48°, 12°, 6°
Imaging Distance0.3m~∞(with 48°lens); 0.5m~∞(with 24°lens);1m~∞(with 12°lens);4m~∞(with 6°lens);
Standard temperature measurement range-20℃~150℃(low temperature mode),0℃~410℃(medium temperature mode),300℃~650℃(high temperature mode)
Optional temperature measurement range300℃~2000℃(high temperature mode)
Measurement accuracy±2℃ or ±2% of reading
Measurement  modeTrack the highest temperature/lowest temperature of the full screen
Custom temperature measurement analysisSupport up to 10 points, 10 areas, 5 lines at the same time, with the highest, lowest and average temperature.
Temperature differenceAuto calculate the temperature difference of the same analysis
Digital camerabuilt-in 5MP digital camera,with LED lamp
Electric torchSuppport
LaserLaser pointer and laser range finding 【Distance:0.3m~40m, accuracy:±(1.5cm+5‰ of reading)】
Focus modeAuto/manual/electic
Lens replacement modeDirect clamping(Increase energy transmittance)
Display5-inch touch screen, with 800*480 pixels
Image modeThermal, dual-spectrum fusion, visible light, PIPThermal, dual-spectrum fusion, visible light, PIP
Color palettes10 kinds
Temperature ScaleAuto/Manual
Digital zoom1×,2×,4×,8×
Text annotationSelect a text annotation from the preset list, which can be edited in the thermal camera
Voice annotationSupport voice annotation and be saved along with the image
QR-code scanningSupports scanning and reading QR code strings
LanguageSimplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Korean, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese
Wi-FiThermal image transfer to Mobiel phone/PC via Wi-Fi
GPSWith built-in GPS and can auto add location information to the image
BluetoothListen to audio information through Bluetooth headsets
Shutter correctionAuto/Manual
Emissivity settings0.01-1.00,  step length 0.01, with emissivity of common materials
Atmospheric transfer correctionAuto, based on the input value of distance, atmospheric temperature and RH
Alarm typeAbove audible and visual alarm/below audible and visual alarm
Smart image captureSupport patrol task package, support auto image naming
Image super resolution4× (1280×960)4×(768×576)
Storage mode32G SD card ( able to save about 10000 thermal images), expandable to128G
Sync  storage  settingsSave both visual and thermal images
Image capture modeGeneral/power distribution
IR image formatJPG/PNG/JPG of State Grid standard(all with temperature data)
Visual iamge formatJPG/PNG
IR video formatH.264/IRV radiometric IR video
Data exportSD memory card
Video outputHDMI
Video output interfaceMicroHDMI
Battery typeRechargeable and detachable Lithium battery
Power voltageDC12V
Battery operating timemore than 2 hrs (single battery) at 25°C  ambient temperature and typical use
Power managementSupport sleep mode
Charging systemTwo-bay charger or 12V car charger
Weight≤1.3kg(incl. battery)
Camera dimension260x135x136mm
Operating temperature range-20°C~55°C
Storage temperature range-40°C~70°C
Humidity(operating and storage)<95%RH, no condensation
National standardGB/T19870-2018
CertificatesCertificates from Zhejiang Metrology Research Institute/UN38.3/SDS/CE/FCC/RoHS/ Certificates from CEPRI (China Electric Power Research Institute)/DGM

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