InfiRay® Released New Self-Developed Handheld Thermal Camera at the Beginning of 2022

YANTAI, China, Jan. 04, 2022 -- InfiRay, a leading brand in the thermal imaging industry, has released its new Kaiyang T300 and T600 Handheld Thermal Camera.

After investigating the needs of professional engineers during electric and industrial equipment inspection, InfiRay has empower Kaiyang T Series Handheld Thermal Camera with interchangeable lenses and our self-developed VOx infrared detector with high resolution and performance.

In addition to adopting advanced infrared detector of NETD under 35mK, InfiRay also has various revolutionary advantages.

It has an automatic focusing system with interchangeable lenses, including lens with 48° wide FOV for wide-area inspection quickly and 6° lens for detailed and long distance inspection. It is equipped with a 5-inch HD touch screen, which is quite clear for observing and accurate enough for on-site operating on the screen. Meanwhile, it also has many other user-friendly functions, such as points/lines/areas temperature measurement. Therefore, it can be widely used in various applications, such as electric power detection, transformer substation long-distance inspection, and petrochemical monitoring.

For connectivity, Kaiyang T Series Handheld Thermal Camera has adequate interfaces for engineers'daily work, such as WIFI for livestreaming to PC or smartphone, micro HDMI for TV output, 4G-LTE/USB for data transfer, Bluetooth for voice recording via headphone.

Furthermore, Kaiyang T Series Handheld Thermal Camera also has a built-in GPS module. All the thermal images could be saved with GPS location information. It also contains a laser ranging module to measure the distance in the task.

To improve the inspecting efficiency for engineers, Kaiyang T Series Handheld Thermal Camera also integrates a task system. The inspection task can be edited in the Excel sheet imported before inspection. It can also generate an inspection task schedule package automatically. Thus, engineers can carry out the inspection task based on the task package. and snapshot followed by the task list can be automatically saved according to the naming rule to greatly improve the inspecting efficiency.