InfiRay Guarding BFA

The BFA (Boao Forum for Asia) Annual Conference 2023 is opened on March 28. As an important platform for economic dialogue between Asia and the world, BFA never overlooks its security. InfiRay infrared panoramic cameras have greatly assisted the safety and security of the Boao Forum for Asia with its 360° panoramic view, intelligent target recognition, and thermal imaging at night, ensuring the safe and smooth proceeding of the forum in all times and directions.


InfiRay HD infrared panoramic camera XSENTRY                                           InfiRay mini infrared panoramic camera XSENTRY-mini

XSENTRY Infrared Panoramic Camera, as the first choice for large-scene wide-area monitoring, has shown its strengths in the monitoring of the surrounding sea area of the venue. Compared with ordinary security cameras, the infrared panoramic camera can provide real-time 360° panoramic images of venue surroundings, reducing the number of devices and simplifying the deployment workload. The HD infrared panoramic camera installed on the top floor of the main venue can detect ships as far as 8 km away. In this way, unlicensed ships and UAVs are strictly prevented from entering the security area. The mini infrared panoramic camera on the telecommunication towers around the main venue is responsible for monitoring all targets close to the main venue and observing ships in the northwest sea area and people and vehicles within 1 km in real time. The combination of them is omni-dimensional, with no dead ends in all directions, and continuously ensures the safety of the land and sea around the venue day and night.


Mini infrared panoramic camera capturing the surrounding panorama of the main venue of the BFA 

XSENTRY Infrared Panoramic Camera has a built-in 12um uncooled infrared detector which is developed domestically. It uses thermal imaging technology to passively receive radiation and does not rely on external supplementary light. When it is dark by the sea at night, we can still clearly observe the objects close to the venue, realizing all-day protection in the sea area near the main venue.


Infrared panoramic camera image VS Night imaging of visible light 

In addition to panoramic imaging, the infrared panoramic camera supports real-time detection of targets entering the warning zone. The number of detected targets is up to 128, and their movement routes are displayed in real time and an alarm prompt will be sent. 


Multi-target route tracking of infrared panoramic camera 

The infrared panoramic camera employs a customized intelligent AI algorithm, which can effectively filter misreports caused by waves. For non-key areas and legitimate areas within the monitoring range, multiple shielding zones can be set. The system would not send alarms for target ships and UAVs entering the shielding zones, reducing misreports.


Ocean waves on the site 

Alarms would not be sent for targets in the blind zones of infrared panoramic camera

In recent years, infrared thermal imaging has appeared in more and more major conferences. As the leader of uncooled infrared chips, IRay will not forget its original intention and continue to uphold the concept of continuously providing professional and competitive infrared thermal imaging products and industry solutions, playing an important role in the security of more and more key events and conferences. We expect to show our strengths in more fields.