Experience World's Smallest Thermal Camera InfiRay P2 Pro at CES 2024



InfiRay, the leader in infrared thermal imaging, is gearing up to unveil its groundbreaking technology at CES in Las Vegas on January 9, 2024, featuring its latest marvel, the InfiRay P2 Pro. This cutting-edge device had previously earned recognition as CNET's BEST OF 2023.


The Apex of Infrared Technological Advancement

InfiRay has consistently held a leadership position in infrared technology, exemplified by the InfiRay P2 Pro. Weighing a mere 9g with a svelte 9mm thickness, the P2 Pro now stands as the world's smallest thermal camera. Despite its compact dimensions, it boasts exceptional performance. The P2 PRO houses a built-in 256×192 high infrared resolution module developed by InfiRay, exhibiting an impressively high sensitivity of 40mk, delivering unparalleled thermal imaging quality.


"Both Forbes and CNET have assessed this product, recognizing its versatile applications," remarked Isaiah Jang, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. From his pocket, he produced a diminutive object, revealing the InfiRay P2 Pro in all its glory. "It can measure temperatures ranging from -4°F to 1,112°F, providing engineers, contractors, and homeowners with ultra-high accuracy for detecting temperature-related issues."


The extensive temperature range and precision are standout features of the P2 Pro. Supported by InfiRay's exclusive AI-Temp and MATRIX IV algorithms, the P2 Pro promises to be an indispensable tool across various industries.



A Unique Feature: Magnetic Macro Lens

Another standout feature of the P2 Pro is its magnetic macro lens, offering users versatility across different scenarios. The macro lens can capture remarkably clear images of a 0.25-mm resistor even at a distance of 4cm. The data analysis function of the P2 Pro empowers users to directly select points, lines, and areas on images or videos for analysis through the dedicated app.


"We provide a complimentary professional app for secondary temperature data analysis, allowing users to view and analyze previously captured infrared images anytime, anywhere," added Isaiah.


InfiRay is set to showcase the P2 Pro at CES from January 9 to 12, 2024. Other highly anticipated products, including the world's smallest thermal monocular Xinfrared T2 Pro and the Auto AI Night Vision System InfiRay NV2, will also be unveiled.


InfiRay® has garnered global acclaim for the P2 Pro. Forbes emphasized its unmatched value, stating, "If you need a thermal imaging camera, the InfiRay P2 Pro is hard to beat at this price." CNET highlighted its practicality, noting, "The InfiRay P2 Pro makes it easy and enjoyable to pinpoint where leaks in your home are costing you money and energy. Now, I am convinced of its value!" Tom’s Guide commended the sensitivity, compact size, excellent range, and user-friendly nature of the P2 Pro.



About InfiRay

Established in 2009, InfiRay stands at the forefront of infrared thermal imaging. With over 2,000 employees, nearly half of them dedicated to innovation and R&D, InfiRay leads with 2,030 authorized and accepted intellectual property projects in areas such as integrated circuits, MEMS sensor design and manufacturing, and image algorithms.


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