InfiRay® Debuts at Powerexpo Almaty 2023, Kazakhstan


YANTAI, China, October. 17, 2023 -- IRay Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter to be referred to as “InfiRay®”), a leading brand in thermal imaging, has shown itself with a high profile at Powerexpo Almaty in Kazakhstan. InfiRay® presented its innovative technologies and highlighted thermal imaging products in Booth 11 at Almaty, Kazakhstan.

As the electric power industry develops towards modernization, the application of thermal imaging in electric systems is becoming increasingly vital. Upon detecting the temperature differences between objects using infrared radiation, thermal imaging converts temperature data into images for real-time monitoring and diagnose of the operating conditions of electric devices, making electric systems more reliable and secure.


InfiRay® thermal cameras have made a stunning debut, providing systematic solutions for power-related industries. In addition to the C/M/P series handheld thermal cameras with high image quality, the AT1280 will also make a high profile at this expo. As the first InfiRay® thermal camera featuring 1280×1080 HD resolution, the most advanced REAL 1.3-megapixel infrared temperature measurement device will contribute a lot to the future. The 1280×1024 full-frame temperature measurement thermal camera, displaying rich temperature details, is highly ideal for large area temperature measurement at key nodes. These devices are applicable to the inspection of core power equipment, monitoring of large-scale petrochemical engineering equipment, testing and evaluation in high-precision scientific research projects, etc. They break through the ceiling of thermal temperature measurement imaging and enter the new megapixel era.


In addition to conventional thermal cameras, InfiRay® also released a new gas thermal camera—G600. Unlike handheld cooled thermal cameras, G600 is an uncooled type, weighing only 670g, with an infrared resolution of 640×512. This device has a good performance in detecting chemical gases such as ethylene and ammonia.

InfiRay®- excellent systematic solutions and quick response will bring you a brand-new experience.