Enhancing Outdoor Adventures with InfiRay Outdoor Thermal Imaging Technology



In recent years, infrared thermal imaging technology has seen remarkable advancements, leading to the miniaturization and enhanced portability of thermal imaging devices. These devices, initially designed for specialized industries, have evolved from single-function tools to powerful integrated devices offering a multitude of functions.



Outdoor Adventure: Embrace Nature and Stay Safe

Outdoor adventure is a way for people to connect with nature, test their limits, and expand their horizons. Safety is the cornerstone of all outdoor challenges and explorations. InfiRay's Thermal Monocular, featuring advanced 12-micron technology, offers you clearer and more reliable night vision and temperature measurement capabilities for outdoor rescue and exploration activities.



An Introduction to Thermal Imaging Projects

During outdoor excursions and field expeditions, the ability to observe animals, environments, and terrains, while anticipating potential dangers, is essential. However, human eyes have limited visual capabilities, making it challenging to see clearly in low visibility conditions, especially at night.

To ensure safety during outdoor adventures, two key elements are vital: expertise in the field and professional equipment. A well-designed thermal imaging product can significantly enhance the outdoor experience and ensure personal safety.


InfiRay Outdoor Thermal Imaging: Innovations for Enhanced Experiences

Thermal+: InfiRay has introduced the innovative concept of Thermal+, which integrates white light and infrared technology into outdoor applications. Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows the highlighting of target heat sources separately, while the background is captured using visible light. This enables users to quickly detect targets disguised as background colors during the day and identify heat sources swiftly at night.


Dual-Site: In recent years, InfiRay has introduced dual-view products, utilizing two lenses on a thermal imaging device. This allows for rapid perspective switching without the need for refocusing. Users can simultaneously observe different angles and detection distances on a single thermal imaging device, enhancing efficiency in search and confirmation tasks and improving target identification in complex and challenging outdoor environments.


Proprietary Algorithm for High-Definition Thermal Imaging: With a commitment to continuous breakthroughs and innovation, InfiRay has launched a thermal imaging device with a remarkable resolution of 1280x1024 in outdoor applications, bringing higher-definition thermal imaging to the outdoor domain. The Ultra Clear technology and exclusive Matrix IV image algorithm concentrate high sensitivity, high definition, and sharp image quality into a single thermal imaging device, capturing even the finest details with exceptional clarity.



Featured Products

· Tube TH50v2: Renowned for its high-definition image quality and industry-first circular screen design, the Tube TH50v2 offers users a more comfortable observation experience. It has received acclaim from overseas users and renowned Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) as the best auxiliary aiming product on the market.

· Mate mah50: This front-mounted auxiliary aiming product boasts a lightweight and compact design, high-definition image quality, and precision. When combined with accessories such as the white-light telescope and external LRF, it is considered the best front-mounted product by clip-on users in Germany.


Innovation Continues: The Future of InfiRay Outdoor

InfiRay Outdoor is set to introduce a dual-field product with a resolution of 1280, reflecting our brand's commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience of "hunt like never before" through innovation. "Ultra-clear, ultra-precise, ultra-reliable" isn't just our brand slogan; it's the value experience we strive to create for our users.