How to Regulate Unauthorized Drone Flights

The drone industry is rapidly developing worldwide and has been widely applied in various fields such as environmental exploration, security inspection, emergency rescue, smart agriculture, and aerial filming. However, unauthorized drone flights have become a serious industry problem, with frequent occurrences in recent years. These violations not only disrupt aviation traffic but also pose safety hazards to areas such as civil airports, oil and gas fields, urban communities, and can even threaten normal social order and public safety.


The challenges

Air safety is paramount and requires additional attention. However, it is undeniable that the airborne safety of drones still faces many challenges today, and existing surveillance devices and solutions have significant shortcomings.


• Detection Efficiency: The current manual inspection method for surveillance drone flights is inefficient and time-consuming. It is challenging to cover a large number of drones in real-time using human inspectors, leading to potential delays in identifying malfunctions or abnormalities.


• Accuracy of Detection: Sensor technology, while useful in obtaining real-time data about drones, may not always provide accurate detection of hidden malfunctions or abnormalities. Without effective surveillance and detection methods in place, unauthorized drone flights can result in property damage, injuries, and even fatalities.


• Scalability Issues: As the use of drones continues to grow across various industries, the scalability of surveillance and detecting drone flights becomes a challenge. Existing methods may struggle to keep up with the increasing demand for efficient and reliable drone surveillance solutions.


InfiRay UAV surveillance solution

In order to regulate the development of the drone industry, InfiRay has responded to government requirements and has begun using thermal imaging technology to effectively detect airborne drones. Using its infrared panoramic radar series products, InfiRay can exclude the interference of target volume, detection distance, and complex electromagnetic environments. By combining visible light, it can achieve precise and effective detection of targets through search, identification, and tracking.

How to Regulate Unauthorized Drone Flights


Solution highlights

• Low-altitude 360° Panoramic Scanning Capability

Unlike traditional radars that only provide target coordinate information, the infrared panoramic radar can present a real-time 360° panoramic view, greatly enhancing dynamic perception capabilities.

How to Regulate Unauthorized Drone Flights


• UFS Detection Algorithm

The UFS detection algorithm is used to detect small targets such as birds and drones in low-altitude scenarios. Based on motion detection and airborne scene optimization algorithms, it can filter false alarms triggered by birds and visually display the moving trajectories of targets through thermal imaging.


How to Regulate Unauthorized Drone Flights


• Intelligent Visible Light Linkage

The infrared panoramic radar linked with visible light is used to observe target details. It actively detects and tracks unauthorized UAVs that may cause adverse effects and takes timely measures to stop infringements caused by unauthorized drone flights.



With the rapid development of the drone industry, addressing the issue of unauthorized drone flights has become a top priority!


Infrared imaging technology plays a crucial role in drone detection, and InfiRay's infrared panoramic radar solution provides an efficient and accurate solution for the industry. This solution, through 360° panoramic scanning and thermal imaging technology, can real-time detect and visualize the movement trajectory of drones, effectively addressing the issue of unauthorized drone flights and safeguarding the healthy development of the drone industry.