Application of the Thermal Imaging Access Control Panel for Human Body Temperature Measurement, a Powerful Tool for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Passenger Transportation

The epidemic is not over yet, and we should still keep prevention and control stringent. The passenger transportation industry features large and quick passenger flows and a wide contact range. Thermometers are used to measure the body temperature of passengers by touching the forehead or wrist of a human body. This method is of low efficiency and brings high cross-infection risks. Temperature measurement thermal cameras can measure human body temperature more efficiently and avoid cross infections and are vital to quick identification and pre-warning for exceptional temperature.

Application of The Thermal Imaging Access Control Panel For Human Body Temperature Measurement

I.  Application Examples

The human body temperature measurement solution for buses created by iRay in accordance with the requirements of a department: The face recognition and infrared module of the thermal camera measure temperature of onboard personnel, and the internal card reader reads cards to verify the identity information of onboard personnel. If body temperature abnormality occurs or card swiping fails, a voice reminder of "abnormal temperature" and "access deny" will be produced for the driver.

The temperature measurement thermal camera is installed in the instrument panel and control box in the front of the bus and is welded and fixed on a steel pipe on the bottom with an installation height of about 60px. The inverter of the bus provides DC 12V power for the device. After connecting the back-end control software, the thermal camera can implement functions such as the batch import of human faces, batch import of card numbers, unified configurations, and unified upgrades.

A Powerful Tool For Epidemic Prevention And Control In Passenger Transportation

Thermal Imaging Access Control Panel For Human Body Temperature Measurement

II.  Advantages of the InfiRay Thermal Imaging Solution

1.  Non-contact real-time online measurement: Non-contact human body temperature measurement, reducing the cross-infection risks of crowds.

2.  High measurement accuracy: ±0.5°C

3.  Face recognition/card swiping verification: The thermal imaging access control panel for human body temperature measurement can implement face recognition and authentication to offer stringent personnel information comparison, increasing personnel recognition accuracy.

4.  Wireless access to the uniform platform: Wi-Fi access to the back-end PC is supported for unified management and upgrades of all devices, suitable for the bus scenario.

5.  Supporting offline use: Face data and card numbers can be pre-configured using the back-end software in advance. After it is installed and powered on, functions such as temperature measurement, face recognition, and card swiping can be implemented without the network.

6.  Convenient installation and visualized measurement: The thermal camera installation is convenient without requiring the blackbody and display; the infrared image displays human body temperature in real time.

As the leading manufacturer of uncooled IRFPA, InfiRay will leverage its cutting-edge technology and mass production capabilities to present its infrared camera series with a smaller size, lower power consumption, higher performance, and lower cost, as well as professional infrared thermal imaging solutions, thus overall boosting the application of infrared thermal imaging technology in more areas and empowering various industries.