Raytron Revolutionizes Thermal Imaging Module with 2 Groundbreaking Innovations at SPIE Photonics Europe 2024


Raytron, the leader in infrared thermal imaging technology, is poised to make waves at the SPIE Photonics Europe 2024(April 9-10, Booth 223, Strasbourg, France) with the launch of two revolutionary thermal imaging modules: Mini2 LWIR Micro Thermal Camera Module and the TINY2-C Micro Uncooled IR Camera Sensor Module. These cutting-edge products are set to redefine clarity, flexibility, and performance in a variety of applications, from unmanned aerial vehicles to medical imaging devices.


Mini2: The Pinnacle of Clarity and Development Flexibility

The Mini2 is a testament to Raytron's commitment to excellence in thermal imaging. This advanced micro thermal camera module is designed to deliver an unmatched visual experience with its crystal-clear, seamless imagery. The Mini2's superior image quality is achieved through the integration of the InfiRay ASIC and the state-of-the-art NMX3.0 non-uniformity correction algorithm, complemented by the IMX3.0 image processing algorithm. This powerful combination ensures that the Mini2 excels even in the most demanding environments.


The Mini2's development flexibility is unparalleled, offering a range of development approaches, including SDKs and command sets, that allow developers to customize their projects for specific needs and platforms, such as Windows, Android, and Linux. With ultra-high frame rates of up to 60Hz, a superior signal-to-noise ratio with NETD ≤40mK, and a compact footprint of just 21*21mm, the Mini2 is a powerhouse in a small package. Its low power consumption of 0.7W for the 640×512 model is complemented by features like rough temperature measurements, external synchronization, and black-and-white polarity simulation outputs.



TINY2-C Micro Uncooled IR Camera Sensor: Performance Meets Versatility

The TINY2-C Micro Uncooled IR Camera Sensor Module is a marvel of modern engineering, boasting exceptional performance and a myriad of interface options. This compact module, measuring a mere 13.2mm×13.2mm×8.75mm, is designed to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of applications, from handheld terminals to firefighting helmets. The TINY2-C's integrated shutter ensures a compact form factor while consuming only 150mW of power during regular operation, setting a new industry benchmark.


The TINY2-C's interface compatibility is nothing short of revolutionary, with support for DVP, VOSPI, MIPI, and USB, making it a versatile addition to any SOC platform. Its shutterless technology is a game-changer, eliminating the need for shutter calibration and enhancing the user experience across various applications.


The TINY2-C is available in both imaging and temperature measurement versions, offering high-frame-rate output for the imaging version and precise thermal readings for the temperature measurement version. Optional lens sizes range from 2.0mm to 7.0mm, ensuring that the TINY2-C can cater to a diverse array of applications.



A Showcase of Innovation

Visitors to the SPIE Photonics Europe 2024 Exhibition can experience these revolutionary products firsthand at Booth Number 223. Raytron's Marketing Department is also available for further information and to schedule demonstrations.



For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact:

Raytron Marketing Department

E-mail: marketing@raytrontek.com