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AT31F Online Thermographic Fixed Thermal Camera

  • AT31F Fixed Thermal Camera
  • AT31F Fixed Thermal Camera

Thermal vision, see and analyze the temperature. AT31F adopts a high-performance VOx detector with high resolution and high sensitivity. Combined with the Matrix Ⅲ patented image algorithm, it provides clearer images and more temperature details. Its patented intelligent temperature measurement algorithm makes the results more accurate and reliable. Thanks to its characteristics, such as low power consumption, small size, short start-up time, it is professional, simple, and easy to use with its comprehensive analysis software.

Thermal resolution: 384×288 

Fixed-focus image  

Networking optimization

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of AT31F Online Thermographic Fixed Thermal Camera

Excellent configuration, more usable than ever

  • It is specially optimized for networking and equipped with professional PC software at the back end for the implementation of 1-main-device-to-1-camera or 1-main-device-to-multiple-cameras, so as to reducing cost. 

  • 20℃~+550℃ wide range temperature measurement makes it possible to monitor more industrial targets requiring high-temperature measurement.

  • It provides lenses of various optional focal lengths. It can output high-quality infrared images and meet the detecting requirements for space-restricted areas and small targets.

Advanced ports, powerful functions, with extensive use

  • With 50Hz frame rate and 1000M/100M/ adaptive Ethernet interface, it supports transmitting real-time on-site temperature data. 

  • Various back-end interfaces may directly access to monitoring systems in the integration solutions, greatly shortening the R&D cycle. 

  • With multiple network protocols including TCP, UDP, ICMP, and DHCP, it can monitor the temperature in real time and give an alarm in case of any abnormality. It is also compatible with ONVIF, GB28181, and other protocols, easy to install on the site. Meanwhile, it can share the analysis and alarms easily. 

Dedicated support and concerted effort to forming your own advantages 

  • Windows/Linux/Android SDKs are available for users' secondary development, which is practical and benefits the users.  

  • Display the test results of more points, lines, and areas, simplify the data acquisition at the back-end, and facilitate more flexible applications with reduced cost. 

  • Support the alarm function and give alarms in case of any abnormality (I/O output, log, image storage, file sending (FTP), E-mail (SMTP)).

Applications of AT31F Online Thermographic Fixed Thermal Camera

AT31F for Equipment MonitoringAT31F for Quality Monitoring

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of AT31F Online Thermographic Fixed Thermal Camera

Detector Parameters
Detector TypeVOx uncooled infrared FPA detector
Pixel Pitch17μm
Spectral Band8~14μm
Frame Rate50Hz
Image Adjustment
PolarityBlack hot/White hot
PaletteSupport 18 palettes
Temperature Measurement Performance
Measuring Range-20℃~+150℃,0℃~+550℃
High and low gain modeHigh-gain mode, low-gain mode, and two modes automatic switching
Temperature Measurement Accuracy±2℃ or ±2% of the reading (whichever is the greater) @Environment Temperature -20℃~60℃
Power Supply Range9~26V DC
Power Protectionreverse connection protection
Typical Power Consumption @25℃<3W
Analog Video Output1 channel video
Network InterfaceRJ45 10M/100M/1000M self-adapted
Alarm Interface1 input, 1 output
Network ProtocolEthernet/IP, TCP, UDP, SNTP, RTSP, HTTP, ICMP, SMTP, DHCP, UPnP, PPPOE
EthernetControl and transmit images
Interface ProtocolSupport customized ONVIF, GB28181, MODBUS-TCP, Ethernet/IP
Serial Communication InterfaceCustomizable RS-485, RS-232
Compression Standard
Video Compression StandardH.264/H.265
Video Formatmp4,mov
Alarm FunctionAll temperature measurement points, the highest temperature, lowest temperature and average temperature in all temperature measurement areas can be configured with separate alarm outputs
Alarm OutputI/O output, log, save image, file sending (FTP), email (SMTP), notification
All temperature measurement points, the highest temperature, lowest temperature and average
temperature in all temperature measurement areas can be configured with separate
Physical Characteristics
Weight(without lens)<150g
Dimension(without lens)46.5×48×83(mm)
Environment Adaptability
Operating Temperature-20℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~+70℃
Secondary Development
Secondary DevelopmentProvide Windows / Linux SDK and instruction
AccessoriesInterface cable

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