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T400/T630 Expert-Level Thermal Camera

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The T400/T630 is a new generation of industrial thermal cameras with replaceable auto-focus lenses designed for expert users. Inheriting InfiRay's excellence in thermal images, the new products are equipped with a new generation of detectors featuring the NETD as low as 35mk, enabling them to capture more subtle hotspots and display sharper and cleaner thermal images. Besides, the products also embrace other analysis and intelligent functions such as trend analysis, area measurement, and intelligent image stabilization.

Detector resolution: 480×360/640×512

NETD: 35mK

Frame rate: 30Hz

Visible light camera: 4224×3136 (13-megapixel digital camera)

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  • Features
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Features of T400/T630 Expert-Level Thermal Camera

HD display, accurate temperature measurement, and strong thermal imaging performance

The T400/T630 has a built-in 12μm uncooled infrared detector, with a resolution of 640×512, supporting super resolution. Its thermal sensitivity NETD is as low as 35mK. Thanks to the Matrix IV intelligent image algorithm and AI-Temp intelligent precision temperature measurement algorithm, this series features clear images and accurate temperature measurement.

Multi-lens options for fast, precise focusing

Standard 25° lens, with optional wide-angle, long-focus, and macro lenses, flexible for diverse scenarios.

Integrated variable diaphragm lens, supporting 1500°C temperature measurement without lens replacement, making it more cost-effective, more convenient, and more efficient.

Functional upgrade, precision manufacturing

It supports up to 20 points/lines/areas and 5 preset modes, making it convenient for users to analyze more temperature details in real time.

It comes with a laser rangefinder module, which supports laser rangefinding and area measurement.

Powerful intelligent analysis, efficient temperature measurement

The Android smart system provides system-level assurance for the expansion and customization of intelligent functions.

It supports custom isotherms. The upper and lower limits of the isotherm temperature or the full-frame threshold can be customized to highlight key temperature ranges or areas.

It supports intelligent routine inspection and intelligent image stabilization.

Applications of T400/T630 Expert-Level Thermal Camera

Chemical O&MElectric Routine Inspection
Electronic and Electrical R&DHigh Temperature Material Monitoring

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of T400/T630 Expert-Level Thermal Camera

Thermal   Imaging Characteristics and Optical SystemDetector Resolution480X360640x512
Super Resolution960X7201280x1024
Detector TypeUncooled infrared detector, 12pm
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD35mk
Wavelength Range7.5~14 pm
Frame Rate30Hz
Lens and FOVStandard lens: 25°.   Optional lens: wide-angle lens 45°; long-focus lens 14°; ultra-long lens 7°;   macro lens 60pm; super macro lens 30pm manual+autofocus lens (AF/MF), for   automatic recognition once mounted
Focusing ModeManual, one-button center focus, automatic center   focus, touch screen focus, laser-assisted focus
Spatial Resolution/iFOVStandard: 0.92mrad; wide-angle: 1.71mrad Long-focus: 0.52mrad;   ultra-long-focus: 0.27mrad;macro 60pm: one pixel corresponds to 60pm; super   macro 30pm: one pixel corresponds to 30pmStandard: 0.68mrad; wide-angle: 1.26mrad; long-focus: 0.38mrad;   ultra-long-focus: 0.2mrad macro 60pm: one pixel corresponds to 60 pm; super   macro 30pm: one pixel corresponds to 30pm
Minimum Imaging DistanceUltra-long-focus: 4m; long-focus: 3m; standard:   0.4m; wide-angle: 0.2m; macro: 39mm; super macro: 19mm
Measurement RangeLow temperature range: -20°C~+150°C High   temperature range: 100°C~650°C Automatic (optional: -20~1500°C)
Image Display   and ModeDisplay Size5-inch sunlight readable, OLED touch display;   1280x720 resolution, Gorilla explosion-proof glass
Visible Light Camera4224x3136 (13 megapixel digital camera)
Palettes19 palettes including iron red, gray, inverse iron   red, inverse gray
Image ModeThermal imaging, PIP, thermal fusion, visible light
Temperature ScaleAutomatic, manual, accurate
Image StorageStorage MediumSD card, standard 64GB, hot plug, with a maximum   extension capacity of 2TB
Text NoteYes. Free text input, preset text, OCR recognition,   QR code scanning, and voice-to-text input supported
Voice NoteSupported, with a maximum time length of 300s
Video   Recording and TransmissionRadiation Infrared Video RecordingCompressed full radiation video recording (.irv)   supported
Non-radiation Infrared or   Visible Light VideoStandard MP4 video recording
Radiation Infrared Video   StreamTYPE-C/WLAN connection to PC, for real-time   transmission of radiation infrared video streams
Non-radiation Infrared   Video StreamRTSP H.264
Communication InterfaceUSB3.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Video Resolution1280x720 pixels
Measurement   and AnalysisMeasurement Accuracy±2°C or ±2% of the reading
Temperature Measurement   CorrectionCorrection of screen emissivity, reflected   background temperature, ambient temperature, atmospheric transmittance, and   distance parameters
PositioningGPS, BDS, GLONASS, or Beidou supported, with   geographical location data overlaid on images
Analysis ReportPDF format. Template editing and import on the   device
Laser Rangefinding905nm, Class I,<10mw, laser="" pointer="" and="" rangefinding="" hf="" rangefinder="" at="" the="" frequency="" of="" 1000hz="" 20-20000hz="" with="" a="" range="" from="" 0.05="" m="" to="" an="" accuracy="" anti-background="" light="" capability="">100K LUX
Area MeasurementSupported
Analysis Functions on the   DeviceUp to 15 movable points, lines, frames, circles, and polygons;   up to 5 preset modesUp to 20 movable points, lines, frames, circles, and polygons;   up to 5 preset modes
Temperature Difference   AnalysisSupported
Trend AnalysisTemperature trend recording, display at 15-minute   intervals, image capture and storage in the specified file, and image viewing   in the device's library in secondary analysis mode
Image FreezingSingle   frameSingle frame +   full radiometric video streams
System   FunctionsIntelligent Routine InspectionSupported. General task package import and editing,   standard and automatic naming of images
Routine Inspection Record   Self-inspectionSupported
Dual-Spectrum Video   RecordingSimultaneous infrared video and visible light video   recording, in MP4 format
Zooming In1× ~ 10×
Connecting MethodsWi-Fi, Bluetooth, Type-C
LanguageEnglish, Japanese, Poland,   Russian, Korean, Hungarian, Bap, German, French, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and   Traditional Chinese
Battery10000mAh lithium-ion battery, field-replaceable,   fast charging (certified)
Charge ModeDirect charging, desktop charging
Operating TimeContinuous operating time > 3 hours (depending   on the actual environment and service conditions)
External InterfaceTYPE-C USB3.0, SD card, SIM card, Mini HDMI, tripod
IP GradeIP54 , 2G(IEC60068-2-6) 25G(IEC60068-2-29)
Weight and Dimensions (H X   W X D)1.3kg (including battery), 14.4X12.9X30.7cm   (subject to actual situations)
Packing ListDevice, lens, lithium-ion   batteryX2, charging socket, charger, charging cable, Bluetooth headset, SD   card (64G), Type-C cable, lens hood, data download card, calibration   certificate, certificate of qualification, hand strap, and lens cap

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