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Spike-E On-board Photoelectric Thermal Imager

  • Spike-E On-board Photoelectric Thermal Imager
  • Spike-E On-board Photoelectric Thermal Imager
  • Spike-E On-board Photoelectric Thermal Imager

Spike-E On-board Photoelectric Thermal Imager is a 360° rotary observation device. Integrated with HD thermal module, visible light module, and high-precision laser rangefinding module, it delivers superior observation performance in various harsh environments and offers other functions such as target recognition and tracking to enrich user experience at the same time.

Resolution: 1024×768 (infrared)/1920×1280 (visible light) 

Pixel size: 12μm (infrared)/2.7μm (visible light) 

Focal length: 22.9~100mm electric continuous zoom (infrared)/10~150mm electric continuous zoom (visible light) 

Measuring distance: ≥ 6,000m

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  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Applications
  • Specifications

Features of Spike-E On-board Photoelectric Thermal Imager

1. Multispectral integration

Multiple functions are provided thanks to the integration of infrared, visible light, and laser rangefinding modules.

The integration of infrared and visible light modules allows quick target recognition at night, on foggy days, under high light, or in other harsh environments.

The laser rangefinding module provides an accuracy of ±2m, achieving accurate range measurement.

2. High resolution and clear images

The self-developed 1024×768 infrared detector and the 1920×1280 visible light detector can output clear images, achieving remote target recognition.

3. High-quality continuous zoom lens, zooming as required

The infrared module and visible light module are equipped with the 22.9~100mm and 10~150mm continuous zoom lenses respectively, allowing free switch between large and small FOVs.

Press for autonomous focusing makes operation convenient and easy.

4. Automatic target recognition and tracking

Self-developed advanced image algorithms help effectively recognize and highlight pedestrians and vehicles so that the rotary imager can automatically locate and track recognized targets.

5. Wide rotating range and high stabilization precision

Azimuth: n×360° rotating; pitch: -90°~+85° rotating.

The wide rotating range makes no blind spots.

Max. 90°/s angular velocity and max. 90°/s2 angular acceleration for azimuth and pitch allow quick tracking.

0.05mrad stabilization precision for azimuth and pitch ensures stable imaging.

Applications of Spike-E On-board Photoelectric Thermal Imager

Spike-E On-board Photoelectric Thermal Imager Applications

Infrared Open Source Platform
Infrared Open Source Platform

Specifications of Spike-E On-board Photoelectric Thermal Imager




Detector Type

Uncooled infrared standard module



Pixel Size


Focal Length

22.9mm~100mm electric continuous zoom


7.0°(H)×5.3°(V) (focal length: 100mm)

30.0°(H)×22.8°(V) (focal length: 22.9mm)

Operating Band


Visible Light

Detector Type




Pixel Size


Focal Length

10mm~150mm electric continuous zoom


2.0°(H)×1.1°(V) (focal length: 150mm)

29.1°(H)×16.6°(V) (focal length: 10mm)


Laser Wavelength


Optical Receiver Aperture


Maximum Measuring Range


Minimum Measuring Range

50 (20 optional)

Measuring Accuracy


Range Resolution




False Alarm Rate


Multi-target Detection


Thermal Imager

Rotating Range

Azimuth: N×360°

Pitch: -90°~+85° (downward: positive)

Maximum Angular Velocity

Azimuth: ≥90°/s

Pitch: ≥90°/s

Maximum Angular Acceleration

Azimuth: ≥90°/s2

Pitch: ≥90°/s2

Angle Report Accuracy

Azimuth: ≤0.5mrad (1σ)

Pitch: ≤0.5mrad (1σ)

Stabilization Precision

Azimuth: ≤0.05mrad (1σ) (1°/2Hz swing)

Pitch: ≤0.05mrad (1σ) (1°/2Hz swing)

Load Capacity


Power Supply System

Power Supply

24±6V DC

Power Consumption

Normal≤50W; peak≤300W

Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature


Ingress Protection Rating


Air Tightness

20kPa hyperpressure in the load module. After 2-hour pressure maintaining, the hyperpressure in the optical module can not be less than 19kPa.

Physical Characteristics




306×241×426mm (L×W×H)

Video Interface

SDI/Network interface

Communication Interface


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