InfiRay® Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Terminal for Buses

It is now still a critical moment for COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. Certain assurance industries like the bus transportation industry are very important links in epidemic prevention and control. Such industries feature large and quickly-moving passenger flows and a wide contact range. Then it becomes a challenge to provide quick human body temperature measurements on buses.

Current Solutions and Existing Problems

Handheld thermometers are used for most temperature measurements on buses. The user uses a handheld thermometer to measure the body temperature of passengers by touching the forehead or wrist. This method is of low efficiency and brings high cross-infection risks.

If large temperature measurement thermal cameras are to be installed, blackbody and displays for visualized measurement are needed. This method is of high cost and cannot offer convenient installation.

Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Terminal for Buses

New Solution Created Using the InfiRay® Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Terminal

Schematic Design:

●  The AC8 infrared thermal imaging access control panel for body temperature measurement is installed in the control box of the instrument, and the installation height is 1,500px;

●  Quick and visualized temperature measurement for multiple people can be implemented, and the alarm parameters can be configured to provide human body temperature exception alarms;

●  Face recognition and authentication through card swiping are supported. If the face recognition or ID card authentication fails, a voice reminder of "access deny" is produced;

●  Wi-Fi/4G (customizable) can be used to connect the unified management platform, to implement the collection of body temperature information and attendance information of all equipment personnel, and unified upgrade and configuration;

Installation position of the AC8 Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Terminal

Installation position of the AC8 Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Terminal

Product features

// The thermal Imaging Fever Screening Terminal has an accuracy of ±0.5°C at the range of 0.3m to 1.5m;

//AI accurate temperature measurement, supporting 1:1 and 1:N face matching with the face library up to 50,000 people; supporting scanning the national health code;

//Face recognition rate > 99%; Face recognition rate with masks > 92%;

//0.2s unaware quick face recognition + forehead temperature measurement;

//Supporting infrared thermal imaging and multi-person temperature measurement;

//Supporting lock control output and face / face+card swiping unlock, with configurable temperature and mask attribute criteria for the access control;

//Supporting Wi-Fi/4G access to the unified management platform, and the HTTP/MQTT protocol to access the cloud service platform;

AC8 Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Terminal

AC8 Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Terminal

The human body temperature measurement solution for buses adopts the face recognition and infrared module of the human body temperature measurement panel for temperature measurement of onboard personnel and the card reader to read cards and verify the identity information of onboard personnel. If body temperature abnormality occurs or card swiping fails, a voice reminder of "Abnormal Temperature" and "No Access " will be produced for the driver.

The device is installed in the instrument panel and control box in the front of the bus and is welded and fixed on a steel pipe with an installation height of about 1,500px. The inverter of the bus provides DC 12V power for the device. After connecting the back-end control software, the panel can implement functions such as the batch import of human faces, batch import of card numbers, unified configurations, and unified upgrades.

Network topology of the AC8 Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Terminal

Network topology of the AC8 Thermal Imaging Fever Screening Terminal

Solution Strengths

●  Non-contact, high accuracy, online real-time temperature measurement: non-contact human body temperature measurement and measurement accuracy of ±0.5°C, reducing the risks of group close contact infection.

●  Face recognition/card swiping verification: Face recognition and authentication offer stringent personnel information comparison to increase personnel recognition accuracy.

●  Wireless access to the uniform platform: Wi-Fi access to the back-end PC is supported for unified management and upgrades of all devices, suitable for the bus scenario.

●  Supporting offline use: Face data and card numbers can be pre-configured using the back-end software in advance. After it is installed and powered on, functions such as temperature measurement, face recognition, and card swiping can be implemented without the network.

●  Convenient installation and visualized measurement: The installation is convenient without requiring the blackbody and display; the infrared image displays human body temperature in real time.

Other Application Scenarios of the InfiRay® Infrared Thermal Imaging Access Control Panel for Human Body Temperature Measurement

Thermal Imagingfever Screeningterminal

Thermal lmaging Fever Screening Terminal

Thermal lmaging Fever Screening Terminal